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Collin Williamson

9:49 AM, 27th July 2021, About 6 days ago

Tenant, Neighbour, Agents and the fence?

You are not legally required to have a fence (unless a conservation area or building is listed, then it's a planning issue). You could go to court to get a court order for access as there was a fence that you are replacing due to damage but that's a lot of money. I would say they don't get a fence. Write to the tenant and the neighbor, saying as they both refuse to have a fence installed, then one will not be installed. Try to get the tradesperson to collect the materials in return for a discount off what you have to pay him but I bet your letters will allow access.... Read More

Collin Williamson

16:00 PM, 19th July 2021, About 2 weeks ago

What’s the best form of electric heating for rental flat?

It would be a heat pump, running cost is a little less than gas & the carbon benefit is massive. The only downsides are the high install cost, the outdoor unit, and that for some reason people don't like them.... Read More

Collin Williamson

13:15 PM, 10th July 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Collin Williamson

18:48 PM, 25th June 2021, About a month ago

Legal obligation to seek help from Council?

I told my tenants to speak to the LA, CA, MAS ect and they all said to stay put until bailiffs kick you out. CA offered legal advice to put up a defence in court to the eviction! The tenants are 7 months in the red now, and sooooooooo much antisocial behaviour.... Read More

Collin Williamson

18:43 PM, 25th June 2021, About a month ago

.Gov online repair checker for tenants

OK, so filled it out about one of my complaints and it gives total inappropriate advice! Tells the tenant to contact the council and take me to court! The problem, they couldn't heat their room to 30+deg in a HMO! that they needed for their health! the tenant did threaten me with the council so I installed a new thermostat system including a remote sensor in their room, that records temp and their room never dropped below 25 deg!... Read More