Tenant eviction register

Tenant eviction register

12:34 PM, 13th November 2015, About 7 years ago 9

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Not sure how controversial this is but with all the changes to protect tenants which I don’t think is wrong, maybe there should be a tenants record in an aim to help protect landlords? Tenant eviction register

The idea is this would be kind of like a criminal record whereby any evictions and the reason for the eviction are kept on a record database that can be checked with permission from prospective tenants, any records would only show evictions where they had actually had to go to court (aka still haven’t moved out after the notice) and lost.

It could possibly contain information like how much the tenant was owed and for what they owe the monies (aka rent arrears or property damage). It could also contain information like if the tenant adhered to the court eviction or if a possession order was needed.

Any marks on the record would stay on for X number of years.

This would help reduce all this rubbish from Shelter saying “Stay in the house until the bailiffs kick you out”. For 99% of tenants that are good tenants they should have nothing to fear. I believe they have a system similar to this in some states in America, it would certainly make tenants think about just stopping paying rent or trashing the place…

What do you think?




Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118 View Profile

12:39 PM, 13th November 2015, About 7 years ago

Hi Steve

If Court records could be searched for details of evictions, in much the same way as they can for CCJ's, I think this would be extremely useful for landlords and would certainly be used by tenant referencing companies and RGI insurers..

There have been several websites set up to allow landlords to share details of former tenants (good and bad), however, the market penetration and general use of those websites within the PRS isn't sufficient to justify their use in my opinion.

steve p

15:12 PM, 13th November 2015, About 7 years ago

Yeah court records would kind of be the same thing, Not that its happened to me thankfully but I do think sometimes tenants can just stop paying and then if it take 4-6 months to get them actually out, if they dont have much money anyway its not worth chasing them so its too easy for them to get away with it.

Being able to see if a tenant has been evicted before would be extremely useful, I dont think it would totally stop landlords renting to them but it would make it more difficult for them to rent and landlords would want things like guarantors in place due to the poor renting record....

Gary Dully

15:35 PM, 13th November 2015, About 7 years ago

Tenants need to be licensed.
I was told recently that searches by trace agents are not allowed by people's NI numbers.

I am sceptical about that, but it sure would help.

Laura Delow

12:09 PM, 16th November 2015, About 7 years ago

I am in total agreement of a Register of tenants who have left owing rent and/or caused damages. However, unless it is a universal requirement for Landlords to complete, it is unlikely to be fail safe as human nature dictates that a few (may be many) Landlords would only be bothered to update the register when they remember to & rogue Landlords would probably avoid registering any rouge tenants as they like to go under the radar.

Recardo Knights

13:36 PM, 16th November 2015, About 7 years ago

There is another LL site that lets LL leave the names of bad tenants who cause damage, don't pay the rent etc.

It also lets landlords leave good reports of tenants they would recommend who had to move for good reasons.

I have left report on good and bad tenants. I wouldn't say what site it is but I think Mark knows, so he can name them if he feels it appropriate.

Apart from court records, why isn't there a register from the DPC. They will know of disputes, or even cases such as mine where deposits were not refunded, or challenged by tenants who left after eviction owing money and causing damage.

The DPC is for the benefit of the tenant, why can it not also assist a
LL. I would be pleased to leave a good or bad reference with them so other LL's can check the data base at the end/termination of a tenancy and decide if the person applying for a tenancy is worth taking, or avoiding like the plague.

Mark I'll be interested in you thoughts on this.

wanda wang

20:49 PM, 16th November 2015, About 7 years ago

I think it is an excellent idea; I had this thought a long while ago when I evicted my ex-tenants. The court has a CCJ register, why not have a similar system, so these people will be named and shamed, and nowhere to live. They will think carefully before they stop paying the rent. Then the court will have less eviction cases, and landlord won’t write off their tax return. All these recent regulation changes are to make a landlord’s life harder and harder to evict tenants.

steve p

21:43 PM, 16th November 2015, About 7 years ago

I would be wary of feedback from landlords or it could be a "Ill give you good feedback if you dont contest the deposit claims, otherwise ill give you bad feedback", also by the time the feedback is added it will be too late for the next landlord.

Although as long as long as tenants could put feedback of landlords I guess it would be ok but still think it would be best just to stick to the facts of court evictions and reason, also any money owed claims due to rent arrears or damage.

It would help stop this silly system where you have to pay hundreds of pounds to get someone that isn't paying rent out of your property and it takes ages, if they dont have any money chasing them for that money is pointless, at least with it being on their record as a landlord you would feel it was worth while. And for the tenant they would be more likely to comply with legal notices.

Ian Ringrose

21:44 PM, 16th November 2015, About 7 years ago

see http://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/lifestyle-tenant-referencing/

There are very competitive for the "normal" credit check AND will tell you about any past landlords the tenants have had provided the landlord used landlordreferencing.

Also you get a list of past address from a normal credit check, the land registry will tell you the owner of an address for £3 per address, then write to the owner.


12:38 PM, 12th February 2019, About 3 years ago

There is A ' ( Bad and Good ) Tenant Register' where you can record information @

http://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/ - It's Free to Join.

Landlords can Reference and checkout future Tenants.

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