When should you tell a prospective tenant you live very close?

by Readers Question

5 months ago

When should you tell a prospective tenant you live very close?

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When should you tell a prospective tenant you live very close?

I am currently in the process of finding a tenant for my property. I live a couple of houses along from it.

I have advertised this property as a ‘no pets’ property, mostly because I don’t want to be annoyed by any more dogs barking and cats messing in my garden which I already have to tolerate from other neighbours.

Despite this, there have been several enquiries from people with dogs, who have only disclosed this during a viewing, after I mentioned where I live. Obviously, they were trying to hide the fact and get away with it.

It looks like mentioning where I live at an early stage is the best idea as potentially, I could have accepted these tenants and then found out about the pets on moving in day!

Any opinions or thoughts on this?



Paul Shears

5 months ago

Just tell any prospective tenant the truth. This is a win - win situation.
If they think that your living close by is anything other than an advantage to them, then you don't want them in the first place.

Ken Smith

4 months ago

Just tell them during first contact. They will soon realise it anyway and then maybe think you strange for not mentioning it. You might then, if they bring a pet in, have major problems to deal with. It will definitely sort the wheat from the chaff if they are aware you will be living so close to them.

Darren Peters

4 months ago

I think a tenant has the right to know your address anyway.

Deborah Clare

4 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Darren Peters at 04/04/2018 - 10:35
It's not that I mind the tenant knowing where I live, I was more concerned that they were willing to blatantly lie about not having a cat or dog, until they realised. Probably is best to tell them at the first opportunity so they don't get the chance to hide anything else.

Deborah Clare

4 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Paul Shears at 04/04/2018 - 00:47
After 8 viewings, the two prospective tenants that both wanted the property both seemed happy that I'd be living nearby. They thought that if I lived in this area too, it must be ok and that it would be handy for me to be able to 'keep an eye on things'. Three of the others didn't seem impressed at all. I think you're right, if they don't like it then I wouldn't want them as tenants. There must be a reason for them not liking the idea.

peter thomson

4 months ago

I can agree with the above comments. In my long experience good tenants welcome easy access to their landlord and have no problem with visits arranged at any reasonable time.

On the other side of the coin if the tenant deserves quiet enjoyment and providing the landlord exercises some sensible distance there should be no problem in my humble opinion.

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