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peter thomson

0:52 AM, 11th May 2018
About 3 years ago

Return on Investment or Capital Employed Formula?

May I offer a method which is quick and easy to work out in your head.
( 1 ) take the figure you paid for the house lets say £ 100,000
( 2 ) Knock of the last two digits. £ 1000
this leaves £ 1000 which is the monthly rent you will need to get a 12% return on your capital £500 is pro rata 6% and so on.... Read More

peter thomson

10:28 AM, 5th April 2018
About 3 years ago

When should you tell a prospective tenant you live very close?

I can agree with the above comments. In my long experience good tenants welcome easy access to their landlord and have no problem with visits arranged at any reasonable time.

On the other side of the coin if the tenant deserves quiet enjoyment and providing the landlord exercises some sensible distance there should be no problem in my humble opinion.... Read More

peter thomson

10:29 AM, 31st March 2018
About 3 years ago

Is it 'expected' for DSS tenants to fail reference check?

I have extensive experience of D.S.S. the first thing I always do is to ensure a Tenant Information Sharing Agreement is signed and submitted to the local authority. once this is registered you will be allowed to ring or write and ask anything connected to the rent account/ housing benefit all payments come straight into your bank every 4 weeks, the key is to ensure your tenant is entitled to claim the award granted and there are no other factors which can reduce that award,
with my present tenant I have received payments for almost 2 years and never had one missed. Its guaranteed money and in some instances I've had problems with working people. If you can get a guarantor all the better. I will always get authorisation to speak with the local authority and ask if there have been any payments stopped previously at the outset. In the event off a claim being suspended if everything is in order you receive the back payments.
When you have a good clean D.S.S tenant there's nothing better than looking at your online account and being advised the date of your next payment. My advice check their previous tenancy and DSS payments.... Read More

peter thomson

0:13 AM, 30th March 2018
About 3 years ago

Beware - Property unoccupied you must tell your landlords insurance

Dear James
Unfortunately one particular property was prone to voids. As I was aware of the empty property clause I have always advised the insurance company if it becomes when and after the empty after the allowable period.
Having done this the insurance company have extended the permitted void and cover for quite some time as they were assured I was actively seeking a new tenant. Communication is a must and the key to avoiding problems and by taking the name date and time of the insurance officer who you spoke with, fortunately most calls a re recorded for their protection and your own.... Read More

peter thomson

14:49 PM, 3rd November 2016
About 5 years ago

High Court Brexit defeat for Government - Landlords Reactions

I'm inclined to agree with Neil Patterson in respect of the pounds decline whilst economic factors have an impetus the decline or rise of Cable ie £ vs $, there are forex traders which would have been conducting short selling on different time frames and making a killing on the pounds decline. I suspect this has been a golden opportunity for forex traders to sell short as it will be the same when the time comes to go long on Cable which has an impact on foreign buyers. the low base rate doesn't help either when it comes to buying sterling.... Read More