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Avoiding the Void Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Sales & Sourcing, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Void periods are an occupational hazard of letting property and something that the vast majority of landlords will experience at some point. The key to a successful void is to keep it as short as possible. Currently there is an environment of strong rental demand but this does not mean that landlords should be complacent. There are various ways for you to minimise the dreaded void period and I will illustrate this by going through a typical lifecycle of a tenancy.
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Landlords forced out of housing benefit market Buy to Let News, Latest Articles

NLA logo colourAs MPs debated the Welfare Reform Bill at report stage on Monday, 13 June, a survey by the National Landlords Association (NLA) had already revealed that more than half of private residential landlords are planning to reduce the number of properties they let to tenants on housing benefits.

Around 450,000 homes are let to tenants on housing benefit but more than half (58%) of the landlords questioned said they would have to cut the number of properties they let to tenants paid housing benefits, with 90% planning to do so in the next 18 months and one third stating they would do so immediately. Continue reading Landlords forced out of housing benefit market

How to get your property portfolio off “death row” Cautionary Tales, Guest Articles, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Glen Ackroyd of National Property GroupWith interest rates at a historic low, guest article writer Glen Ackroyd from National Property Group explains the steps he’s taking to protect his buy to let property portfolio from inevitable interest rate rises and taking his portfolio off “death row”.

In September 2008 I was having what was supposed to be my dream holiday. Like many others, I had ridden the wave of the credit boom and had acquired a large property portfolio. At the height of my success I was staying in a private villa in an island in the Bahamas, fronting onto the harbour, with millionaires’ yachts and Hollywood film stars for neighbours. Surely, life just couldn’t get any better?

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Will landlords benefit from universal credit? Latest Articles

The new universal credit for housing costs may still leave private landlords out on a limb over rent payments.

The proposed new rules will replace local housing allowance with a housing cost element of the universal credit system.

But the outline proposals are not clear over who gets the payment – the landlord or the tenant. Continue reading Will landlords benefit from universal credit?

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