Storage heater replacement – No gas?

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A week ago

Storage heater replacement – No gas?

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Storage heater replacement – No gas?

I am looking to replace 3 elderly electric storage heaters in a ground floor 1-bed flat. No gas in the building so that’s not an option.

I am sure technology has moved on a lot since the ones in this property were installed!

What would be a good replacement, for efficiency, good appearance and to make the property more attractive to prospective tenants please?

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James Barnes

A week ago

In the absence of mains gas, off peak night storage heaters tend to be the best option especially for areas like the the living rooms and hallways. In bedrooms where occupiers tend not to spend so much time, modern electric radiators can also be a good option.

Adrian Atkins

A week ago

Not a lot of choice. Storage heaters should be on dual tariff meter so that they use the cheap rate at night, if you want the tenants to benefit from lower running costs.
Downside is that they are more expensive to buy. Modern ones have electronic control, but more to go wrong and expensive to repair. The old Dimplex and Creda etc went on forever, nothing much to go wrong with them. Simple to reset the overheat or replace the thermostat cheaply, most frequent fault - usually because users ignore the label that says not to put anything on top of them! the thermostat then overheats when they put their washing or towels on the heater.
They are always bulky of course, because basically they are an electric element going through high-density bricks that store the heat. Can't change the laws of physics.So we had a landlord that wanted to "modernise" his flat and took them out, put in smart-looking convector heaters, and of course the bills tripled in the winter. Unhappy tenant.

Mark Lynham

A week ago

Dimplex Quantum are good for the main heater, typically the lounge, very energy efficient... great for your EPC!

Jireh Homes

5 days ago

Install High Retention storage heaters to achieve a higher EPC rating, and ensure they have a fan convector heater facility to allow boosting the heat during "day time".

Jay James

4 days ago

Electric central heating (ie with an electric boiler).

Norman Devereux

6 hours ago

Because of EPC requirements for rented property modern storage are the only option. Yes there are more effective and cheaper to run alternatives like the latest far infrared panels but current guidelines only rate these the same as ordinary electric panel heaters. Barmy.

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