Started in construction and want to start my own portfolio

Started in construction and want to start my own portfolio

10:51 AM, 28th March 2016, About 8 years ago 2

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So I got into property at 18 but from a different angle, it was the construction side not the investment avenue I so passionately strive to be in. While it has served its purpose working for investors and property dealers for years I would be covered in all sorts of construction debris while they strolled in there pristine tailored suits casually turning their heads to check their property was on due course this only made my hunger too turn the table and get out of the whites eventually .construction

I am currently 28 and 3 years ago came back form a 5 year stint immigrating to Australia. I am finishing my NVQ plumbing course as well as running a small Property Maintenance business.

I have £13000 saved and could potentially save more once the course is finished.

My question is this to any successful property investor is how would you start if you were me? Would you search and Find a JV so I could use my construction background with their money?

I live in central Norfolk between Kings Lynn and Dereham but fancy a crack at Norwich is there any Property investors that got time for me to buy a coffee and have a discussion?

Which route would you take?

Anyone know any good sourcing business in Norfolk that can find leads?

Any ideas would be appreciated just so can have a possible spring to start my next adventure.



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Neil Patterson

10:58 AM, 28th March 2016, About 8 years ago

Hi Mic,
In addition to any help given here I would also have a chat with Dan Trivedi who is a property Developer in Norwich. please see his members profile >>

Gary Dully

16:25 PM, 28th March 2016, About 8 years ago

Hello Mic,

£13,000 isn't a great deal to start with and a lot of that could be eaten up,with fees on your first purchase.

How about a Rent to Rent?, or a small bungalow or flat first?

You are still educating yourself via your NVQ,
But you won't find an NVQ training course for becoming a millionaire.

if you could 'network' at a few local landlord events first, to see if you can strike up a conversation and get a feel for potential JV partners that you could approach at a later date.

Otherwise, you may find that most of us took the plunge and were rather foolish at the time, but we all pulled through somehow.

You will learn about 80-95% of what you need to know on your first property, so see if you can work with a 'mentor', i.e.: someone who is further down the property success road, than you are now and learn from them.

If you were to JV with someone, what are you offering for their time or money?
There are lots of opportunities to make money via property, but it might be prudent to learn the ropes first on a small purchase or JV.

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