Shipping Containers for the Homeless

Shipping Containers for the Homeless

11:00 AM, 7th December 2017, About 6 years ago 3

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A shipping container village has will open this week for people registered as homeless with Ealing Council. It is the largest temporary housing project of its kind and will hope to provide shelter for 290 homeless before Christmas.

The village is Made up of refurbished shipping containers on derelict land in Acton West London and is hoped to assist the housing crisis in the borough of Ealing. It is built in partnership with QED Sustainable Urban Developments who have worked on a previous project in the area and also in Brighton.

Communal spaces, laundry facilities and refuse storage space will be provided along with the furnished containers converted with window doors and utilities.

Ross Gilbert, managing director of QED, told the Big Issue: “We are committed to playing our part in addressing the housing crisis. We need short, medium and long term solutions and Meath Court is a short term solution to emergency accommodation. The shipping containers allow you to build more quickly and with greater flexibility.”

Leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell said: “As we all know, the housing crisis in the capital is increasingly becoming worse. The council is exploring all options to keep on top of the growing demand.”

Ealing borough alone has more than 2,242 individuals or families considered homeless and in desperate need of accommodation.

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18:53 PM, 7th December 2017, About 6 years ago

We are told homelessnes has gone up lots. I can't help thinking where DSS/benefits tenants are concerned it's mainly due to housing benefit paid directly to tenants who don't 'paid it on' to L/lords = homelessnes yet I've never seen it mentioned anywhere!

Rob Crawford

8:23 AM, 11th December 2017, About 6 years ago

What a great idea. Using containers in this manner has been bounded around for ages, well done QED for setting it up. Only last Wednesday I mentioned the growing number of homeless around Bristol and Bath to the respective Councils and pointed out that the Bristol Airport Hilton was made of containers in a very quick time scale with a good level of furnishings and safety features. With "affordable homes" not being affordable to so many, this concept really has got to gain momentum. The one in the picture looks great.

Rob Crawford

8:25 AM, 11th December 2017, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Rod at 07/12/2017 - 18:53Hi Rod, I agree but also the benefits received is in most places is below the market rate achieved from professional and student sectors. But this is a subject for a different thread!

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