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16:55 PM, 24th August 2018
About 4 weeks ago

Free advice for Shelter

No change there, then! All down to image, they have a good one, we don't !... Read More


21:11 PM, 22nd August 2018
About a month ago

BoJo's proposed Stamp Duty reforms

I'll say it again. If 'you know who' gets power, business will do a runner, the country will become a waste land!... Read More


18:50 PM, 22nd August 2018
About a month ago

Discrimination in the rental sector

It's easy for the righteous in nice comfortable offices and cosy homes to condem others when they've no idea about the front line. They could always take someone 'in' though, but don't hold your breath!... Read More


12:31 PM, 22nd August 2018
About a month ago

What does a landlord look like?

I can't deny that when I lived in a bedsit years ago I too thought LLs were very rich scoundrels but there are two sides to every story, now I know better! I feel the government has off loaded many social tenants on to the PRS as as they're now free from their own headaches and can bring in nice big fat juicy fines! I'm not against the government but there are limits! If they push LLs, out what then?... Read More


18:10 PM, 17th August 2018
About a month ago

Respond now or get 3 year tenancies!

Landlords will be stuck with it but tenants won't, if they want to go they will and not much can be done about it! I think this would be a valid point to put forward.... Read More