Section 21 – Emergency meeting and joint delegation

by Larry Sweeney

9:47 AM, 17th April 2019
About A year ago

Section 21 – Emergency meeting and joint delegation

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Section 21 – Emergency meeting and joint delegation

The National landlords Alliance, while profoundly disagreeing with the approach of the NLA and RLA, believe that we should all put our differences aside and hold an emergency summit without delay to discuss and agree a common approach to the proposed abolition of section 21. Also to rethink our position on section 24, a fight which many appear to have given up on.

We propose a joint delegation to government and we also want other organisations such as Ihowitz and the Humber Landlords association to join us.

The Alliance is asking these organisations to contact us without delay and the Alliance will supply and fund the costs of a venue in Manchester to host this meeting.

We urge everybody in the NLA and RLA to put all differences aside and join us now in the interests of all the members who deserve our unqualified support.

NLA/RLA, please email us urgently and confirm your agreement to meet without any preconditions.

This would be the first time all landlord organisations came together as one to protect our vital interests. It is the very least we can do for our members.


Steve Masters

13:21 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

And we need to make it law that when a judge gives a possession date tenants must be considered homeless on that date, no when the bailiffs come. Councils need to be pulled into line on this.

Steve Masters

13:24 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

If Section 21 is abolished then I think how well Section 8 is fixed could be the making or breaking of our industry.

Possession Friend

13:37 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

Steve, we may not stop the amendment to Sec 21, but we MAY be able to mitigate and negotiate such strengthening to Sec 8 that provides some protection for landlords. As for 'No Shelter', all they do with 60 Million £ is provide advice to defaulting tenants to defeat legal possession processes through technicalities. I wouldn't have thought there would be a Landlord in the country who could support that ! ?
As for Getting collaboration on major issues, such as Sec 24 or arguably, moreso, Abolition of Sec 21, there should be, - for All landlords benefits. Look at the recent political analogy of Theresa May holding talks with Corbyn over finding a resolution over Brexit. She was criticised by her own party for trying to find a way forward and speaking to the 'opposition' I think landlords as a whole stand to gain more from a collaborative approach than an isolated one.
Furthermore, for a smaller landlord association to come up with the suggestion is, I think, very big ( thinking ) Contrary views have to get over their sense of self-importance. ( or impotence, choose which word you think most appropriate ! ) And as Steve says, the more the merrier.

Larry Sweeney

15:48 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

To Steve Masters, agree with your point about posession. The Alliance stated from the outset that one of our goals was to overhaul the cumbersome posession process. To that end we made a submission to the DOJ and got members also to make submissions. Our solution is very simple and cost effective. We have thousands of enforcement agents all over the country already enforcing fines Council tax and Nndr. We want these agents to also enforce posession orders meaning no waiting for ever for court bailiffs and no expensive transfer up to the high court. This at least would go some way to helping landlords on posession.
We lobbied the DOJ, we have educated many about Shelter and their stance on the PRS is disgraceful. It is absolutely legitimate to fight back.
As regards the ICO, we are currently in discussion and are due to send a delegation to a meeting shortly. I will say no more on a public forum, but our members are aware of our work and are updated regularly. We are far more proactive in pushing back on licensing that either the NLA or RLA.
It is a great pity that when we extend an olive branch to these organisations in the interests of all landlords, and when we suggest putting differences aside our efforts to get landlords to present a united front are critisised.
I say again , any organisation that has the interests of its members at heart must do what ever it takes.
We believe the sector is under attack like never before, we anticipated the abolition of S21 and publically said so. See our website.
We have no problem sitting down with anybody, putting past differences aside for now if that is what it takes to protect the PRS.
If we cannot do that because of politics or ideology then we have no right to claim that we are working for our members.
Finally , we still have not heard back from the NLA/RLA and I would appeal to their members to demand that they join us at this summit and lets do what has never been done and work together for the PRS.
Perhaps this united front had it been put forward some time back could have put the brakes on the destruction of the sector.
One thing for sure, the NLA/RLA have proven woefully poor to date, which is why we are where we are. If the legislators however faced the Alliance/NLA/RLA/BLA/Humberlandlords/ihowitz/Arla and indeed any other landlord organisation who wishes to attend our summit, we could field the best team ever to defend landlords against these attacks, verbal, financial and regulatory.
We must have this summit and Landlord organisations have a duty to bin pettiness and do what ever it takes to protect and represent members.


17:52 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

Fantastic idea - Do it!
Remember to include getting rent arrears paid at the same time as a possession order and/or automatic CCJ's for unpaid rent so that other landlords don't take on people who don't pay their rent or damage property. Can you imagine what a difference this would make for landlords (and tenants and agents) and how it would free up the deadlock over getting properties rented in the shortest possible time to the best possible tenant and the "which tenant should I take/not take" dilemma.

David Price

18:55 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

A year long experiment with section 21 where the landlord is required to give a reason for the eviction would establish once and for all that tenants are not evicted on a whim. After the data is collected then a reasoned decision can be made.
[NB for the scholars of English I have treated 'data' as a collective rather than a plural]

Possession Friend

19:05 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by David Price at 18/04/2019 - 18:55
Absolutely David, if MHCLG could see past their nose, they would have instigated that a year ago - lets be fair, its been on the 'opposition agenda for years !

Larry Sweeney

19:06 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

Thanks for such positive contributions , especially from my friend David Price.
This attack on s21 is an incredible opportunity to unite once and for all.
Once again I implore the RLA/NLA to join us. This is about all our members, honest hardworking strivers and not criminals as the hysterical media like to portrait us.
We must not let our members down. The summit must go ahead, we must all be there working for the members who joined our organisations. We owe it to landlords to unite and push back.
RLA/NLA members demand that your organisations represent you. We are all in this together. Lets turn this attack on s21 to our advantage. Never before have all landlord organisations come together like this. Lets not squander this last chance to save the PRS and in turn guarantee tenants supply, choice and rent competition.
We can say no more. Over to the NLA /RLA.

Possession Friend

19:23 PM, 18th April 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Larry Sweeney at 18/04/2019 - 19:06
To be fair Larry, on the collaboration point, I read earlier that the RLA are releasing a survey that they've consulted the NLA upon ( no news whether it will be joint - even more visionary than May meeting Corbyn ! )
How refreshing it would be to see some collaboration and show the Govt and Tenant groups a united front from Landlords and Agents. Possession companies and as many diverse groups as possible from the PRS. I say, share the idea with Property Tribes, LandlordZone ( owned by Hamilton Fraser now ) Property Industry Eye, Property Reporter and any others.
Those who want to 'take their toys away after any collaboration can go and play by themselves if they wish'.

Cathie Hawkins

9:23 AM, 19th April 2019
About A year ago

Maybe some of our diplomatic and tactful landlords could engage with some of the smaller tenant groups to help them understand the landlord’s side and the unintended consequence these new laws bring. We may also learn something more about why they think like they do.

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