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21:18 PM, 24th September 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Local council is offering to lease my flats?

Our Council offers 20% below what they consider to be market rent and all maintenance/tenant damage is down to the landlord. Strangely we didn’t go down this route.... Read More


21:09 PM, 24th September 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Labour the party of home ownership?

Will the first time buyers buy the new builds off plan and wait a year to move in? How will the developers finance these otherwise. Does she have no understanding about how things work?

Agree that properties sold (to whoever) shouldn’t sit empty.

They really don’t look below the surface, do they?... Read More


14:07 PM, 23rd July 2021, About 3 months ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

Remember before Shelter er al lobbied for 5 weeks max deposit to ‘help tenants’? You could have taken a 6 month deposit and rent monthly in advance as normal. That would have given you both a safety net if you had to evict and given the tenants more of a chance to find a place to rent.... Read More


20:31 PM, 2nd December 2020, About 11 months ago

Latest tier restrictions are a pretty blatant attack on less wealthy areas of the country

House price is not causation! People living in close proximity eg towns/cities may well be.... Read More


20:24 PM, 2nd December 2020, About 11 months ago

Contract with a Housing Association - Just where is the info?

Looked into it locally and would have to pay all maintenance for 20% below market rent and wouldn’t have any say in the tenant - could be someone wanting a long term home they would treat as their own or problem people shoved in with absolutely no skin in the game. Decided it wasn’t worth the risk after having an HMO tenant who liked to smash the fire alarm system every week - nearly bankrupted us before we managed to evict him.... Read More