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Cathie Hawkins

20:59 PM, 2nd April 2020
About A week ago

Government have created chaos in the PRS

All of us here know the devastating effects that rogue landlords cause - however it is the good ones that are punished - the bad ones tend to stay under the radar. Many of us sadly know that there plenty rogue tenants out there who seem to think we should pay for their housing. Where is the balance? We want to provide great HOMES for people but expect to be treated like any other business; accounts that conform to normal accounting standards, to be recognised as a business by HMRC, to have protection against, and recourse to, remove customers that are in breach of contract. Instead we are expected to provide a service (that the government have decided is not viable for them to provide in enough quantity) with no payment and life changing financial loss for us. No other business has to do this. The rogue tenants should have consequences for their actions.
We are lucky, so far, that only one of our tenants is struggling to pay. Having been made redundant and hubby had all his SE work cancelled, we are relying on rent - as are so many ‘not self employed’ landlords out there.... Read More

Cathie Hawkins

9:20 AM, 3rd January 2020
About 3 months ago

Software for property company tax return?

I don’t think you can submit accounts via QuickBooks or Sage, although they are good for the bookkeeping side. I have been told that Taxfiler is good.... Read More

Cathie Hawkins

9:42 AM, 31st December 2019
About 3 months ago

How do I get the CCJ registered with the Registry Trust?

Does that mea we are relying on credit referencing to check if there are CCJs etc but they aren’t being registered, so will not show? Is there no duty of care from the courts or anything? It makes credit referencing completely unreliable.... Read More

Cathie Hawkins

12:49 PM, 9th December 2019
About 4 months ago

Benefits of a family partnership we had not previously considered

Hi Jayne. I have had a tax planning consultation, which was excellent and was advised to do as you have done. However I am struggling to get my head around the details of the accounting side. Would you be willing to act as a mentor for me to get going? I don’t feel I can keep asking Mark, as I’m not even sure what questions I need answered! I want to ‘jump in’ but have refrained from doing so in case I do it wrong.... Read More

Cathie Hawkins

21:08 PM, 22nd November 2019
About 5 months ago

Labour Manifesto - Attack on the PRS

Generation Rent don’t remember secured tenancies of course. If you had one you didn’t dare move. There was very little availability. Awful for landlords due to rent controls - made your property with sitting tenant almost worthless. But awful for tenants too as nowhere to rent. Right to Buy was the worst thing as depleted stock, so much scamming the system which often left the tenant in a worse position and tenants believing they are owed something at a discount. They don’t teach that in modern history.... Read More