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Steve Masters

9:09 AM, 12th February 2020
About A week ago

Break clause taken up by one sharer?

Nick, I suggest you have a good conversation with all three tenants.
Find out why one wants to leave.
Find out if the other two want to leave or stay.
If they want to stay and if, as you have alluded, they have caused you issues, bring that up and say that you will only consider re-assigning the leaver if the remainers mend their ways and behave themselves.
With any luck you will get a win, win, win outcome.
The leaver gets to leave.
The remainers get to remain.
You get max rent and better behaved tenants.... Read More

Steve Masters

13:58 PM, 28th January 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Joint AST and alleged victim has left?

Reply to the comment left by Ray Davison at 28/01/2020 - 13:14
I agree with Ray. Tell the absent tenant to sign a letter stating he ends the joint tenancy. You agree to limit his liability for rent up to the date he signs the letter, the sooner the better for him.

You then tell the remaining tenant the tenancy has ended and collect mesne profits instead of rent and you might be able to charge double until she leaves, the sooner the better for her.

Seek professional advice.... Read More

Steve Masters

11:14 AM, 24th January 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Serving Section 21 during fixed term - right or wrong?

My feeling is the LL's right to sell the property is on a par with the T's right to live there. I suggest your friend points out that the BC is dubious but she respects the LL's wish to sell and they work together to find suitable alternative accommodation at the earliest opportunity which may or may not take 2 months.

Of course the LL wants a quick and easy sale and the buyer will want a fixed completion date with vacant possession but it would be better for the LL to forewarn the buyer that 2 months is not realistic. Better to disappoint and delay now than a couple of days before completion. As a seller the LL has more at stake financially than the T so the LL has incentive to work with T. Always better to resolve such issues amicably.... Read More

Steve Masters

14:16 PM, 17th January 2020
About a month ago

New electrical checks and safety standards for Landlords

Will MP's take part in debating the next stage of the draft bill?
If so, we should lobby them and get at least one on board to put forward our concerns about the unintended consequences of how the draft bill is currently worded.... Read More

Steve Masters

13:41 PM, 15th January 2020
About a month ago

Court Case re HMO rooms being deemed to be Band A Council Tax Dwellings

If an individual dwelling within an HMO is separately banded for Council Tax, wouldn't the resulting Council Tax bill go directly to the tenant and not the landlord? Just like a flat, the bill goes to the resident not the owner.... Read More