How to prove tenant has left and take on council tax bill?

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10 months ago

How to prove tenant has left and take on council tax bill?

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How to prove tenant has left and take on council tax bill?

Hi Folks

A tenant living in my BTL has left the property without telling me and so now I want the council tax bill to come in my name. However, the council tax office want proof that the tenant is no longer living in my BTL.

Can someone be kind enough to advice how to prove this?




Neil Patterson

10 months ago

Hi Majinder,

You cannot just assume the tenant has surrendered the tenancy.

Have you got any written evidence, had the keys handed back or any other form of communication? How long have they been gone and are there any possessions still at the property?

I have a very good article written by Tessa Shepperson which will help >>

Manjinder Chatha

10 months ago

Thanks for you reply. The tenant actually left the property and rang me the same evening saying he has left.

He left some of the keys under the mat by the front door.

Gary Dully

10 months ago

Not so fast, your obviously a rogue landlord.

You tricked him into leaving you the keys for routine boiler maintenance, whilst he visited a sick relative and then you wouldn’t let him back in.

You illegally evicted your tenant and you are now trying to cover your tracks.

Now prove me wrong.

That’s what a no win no fee lawyer will say.

For unlawful eviction you will have to prove your innocence, they won’t have to prove your guilt.

Get a signed surrender document or you may face big problems.

Mick Roberts

10 months ago

Ha ha brilliant Gary.

Martin Roberts

10 months ago


He has only left 'Some of the keys' and no written evidence that he is surrendering the tenancy.

I'd let the council persue him for CT.

Taking possession is another matter.

Jireh Homes

10 months ago

Hi Majinder - you do not state if the tenant still within the fixed period or on a rolling lease, as the AST can be used to prove liability for Council Tax on the tenant. As a LL why should you "volunteer" to pay CT just because the TT has done a runner. As noted above you need to follow the advice on abandonment to ensure you do not get caught out.

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