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Martin Roberts

13:02 PM, 29th January 2019
About 3 weeks ago

No shower - It's a dirty job?

All good comments above, and particularly note Paul Shear's point about the type of mixer tap.

We have the latter type at home and it's easily as good as an electric shower and was easy enough to fit.

That said, I would let this chap go. I suspect he will demand something else once you sort the shower, and then something else...... Read More

Martin Roberts

11:59 AM, 7th January 2019
About 2 months ago

Tenant can't pay rent and advised to stay by Housing Association!

Worth pointing out to the tennants that if they follow the advice (from the 'Housing Assosiation'?) they will finish up with a CCJ and owing two or three thousand pounds in Court and Baliff's costs.
This will make it almost impossible to rent again or get a mortgage or other loan for some good few years.
Many Local Authorities won't let to people with rent arrears.
The debt will follow them and may make it difficult to get a new job (many require Credit Checks) and could be reclaimed by an Attatchment of Earnings Order one working again.
I read recently of someone who had taken this advice from Shelter and said it was the worst thing she ever did as it has blighted her future.
Well worth asking them to work with the landlord to find an answer, maybe Housing Benefit.
Hope that helps.... Read More

Martin Roberts

8:20 AM, 6th December 2018
About 3 months ago

UC has felt like a huge cultural change for many landlords

So now we have to approach tennants and give them financial planning advice.

Even assuming we don't get told to 'Go away' I'm not qualified to do this.... Read More

Martin Roberts

12:38 PM, 16th October 2018
About 4 months ago

Shelter’s Head of Research misled public on TV

Maybe we should all phone Shelter's off ice and ask for 'clarification'.

I'm sure they would welcome the calls.

For the record, we're selling as I can only see things getting far worse.... Read More

Martin Roberts

8:23 AM, 9th March 2018
About 12 months ago

Reasons for not selecting tenant and claims of discrimination?

You can't discriminate on grounds of disability, and can't refuse assistance dogs, but I've never heard of anyone requiring two dogs, and I would, and have, refused because of attitude.

This person will cause you trouble, but as suggested, you don't need to give a reason.

As I've pointed out to prospects, if we get 30 applications then 29 people won't get the flat.... Read More