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Martin Roberts

9:23 AM, 2nd October 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Otherwise I am out of pocket?

I'm no lawyer but petty sure the court can award costs and legal fees and baliff's fees, also any rent due if they stop paying at the end of the tenancy.

This very bad advice from LAs and Shelter so often leads people into large debt and makes it impossible to rent again.

Also no reference from you.... Read More

Martin Roberts

9:15 AM, 2nd October 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Shelter’s response to ONS homeless death figures

Absolutely, a time for Ms Neate to pause and reflect on what Shelter spend their £63 million annual income on.
You might think that amount could really help.... Read More

Martin Roberts

10:56 AM, 18th June 2019
About 4 months ago

Service charge hike?

First Port is a reincarnation of Peverell.

A quick Google will reveal a lot. 😕... Read More

Martin Roberts

12:40 PM, 13th May 2019
About 5 months ago

Nationwide Foundation £1.2 m 'Fair Housing Futures' project hosted by Shelter

I notice Shelter are 'Hosting' rather than chipping in a little of their £60,000,000 plus annual income.

Real World solutions require Real World money.... Read More

Martin Roberts

9:42 AM, 12th March 2019
About 7 months ago

All bills included with an asterisk on the electricity?

I can't see any advantage for this.

If it's included they have no incentive to be economic and will be on the phone to you when it runs out, this could finish up in court.

Are you planing to rent the rooms seperately? If not the couple can sort power us between themselves, if 'yes' there will definately be friction between each tenant and yourself when you ask them to top up.

As for Council Tax, let the tennant/s pay it, otherwise they will think they are paying you a very high rent and likely feel aggrieved.

Water? Again metered so let them pay for what they use and benefit from the saving if they're frugal.... Read More