Planning Appeal – Parking

Planning Appeal – Parking

15:20 PM, 29th September 2014, About 10 years ago 3

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I have submitted a Planning Application to turn the basement of a 3 storey house into a self-contained flat. Planning Appeal - Parking

Many others in the street have done so without any provision for extra Parking.

The application has been approved subject to a condition under Policy AW5 that I create a hard-standing parking provision in the rear garden.

The property is in South Wales.

Are there any members with knowledge on if I could appeal this and how to go about it?

Thanks in anticipation.


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17:30 PM, 29th September 2014, About 10 years ago

Without knowing the specifics of your local authority and its planning policies, I can't help you. It's probable that the LPA has introduced policies on parking subsequent to your other local basement conversions, which is why they got away with it and you have been caught. Lots of local authorities are doing this now: it's a way of blocking development and creating extra off-street parking, plus it's politically-correct to make life difficult for motorists. I'm surprised they haven't demanded that you provide covered, secure bike and bin stores as well.

If you want to appeal, find yourself a planning consultant with experience of the local policies. Use the Yellow Pages, or look at other local planning applications that have been subject to Appeal, to see who has been used by other applicants. Expect to pay about £1500-2000 in fees for an appeal. You may well lose - parking policies are usually stated very clearly in the council's design guide, so the planners will say you should have known about this.

You don't mention any taxes - if you've haven't been charged S106 or Community Infrastructure Levy for creating this new housing unit, consider yourself lucky to have got away with only having to provide a bit of parking. In my area of Berkshire, you have to pay £365 per square metre if you create a new flat, so a 50m2 one-bed flat would cost me £18,250 in infrastructure taxes. In Reading nearby, you have to pay £125/m2 in CIL, and 10% of the assessed value of the property as a contribution to social housing. So if you created, say, a £150,000 50m2 one-bed flat from a basement in Reading, you would have to pay £6,250 in CIL and £16,000 in affordable housing tax.

Mike W

20:09 PM, 29th September 2014, About 10 years ago

Policies change but it would be worthwhile to check the timings of the other applications and the date of any new policy. Planners do make mistakes and they do have to provide information. Sometimes the info is online so it is possible to check without going into the office.... I have seen cases where planners one day said that a road was unsuitable for additional traffic and 6 months later a different planner had no objection to another house with extra traffic ...If you find a discrepancy then ask for an explanation as to why they are discriminating against you ...

Steve Gracey

13:28 PM, 17th October 2014, About 10 years ago

Do they specify the parking is for a car? If not provide a couple of bicycle spaces in a covered bike rack - you'll hardly need any space. The councils are under a lot of pressure to go green / healthy living etc. That's what developers round my way do to legally covert flats without adequate car parking. good luck

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