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  • £16,000 fine for Landlord because tenant played dance music for 36 hours straight!

    2017-05-25 12:44:31

    FAKE NEWS? Firstly this is a typical example of people responding to 'facts' posted without checking the story. Secondly I do not know all the facts and as yet I have not accessed the court records. Thirdly the newspaper story is clearly totally different. Forthly if there were a tenant in pla

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  • New BBC1 Programme about Landlords

    2017-05-11 14:19:32

    Thanks to Monty for your post just before midday. It is always interesting to see the presumption behind the program. So I must say I feel sorry for Grace. The preconception is that Landlords do not understand what they are providing and do not understand their tenants lives. It would interesting t

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  • Quarterly Digital Tax Returns for turnover less than 83k delayed?

    2017-03-14 23:30:36

    The problem is that it is not going away. Unfortunately this will go the way of all large database IT projects. The IT consultants will earn loadsamoney. The business will do its best. The poor business targeted by HMRC on a routine check will not have done it properly and HMRC will have its target.

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  • Digital tax returns every quarter?

    2017-02-28 10:58:16

    So each time I go to B&Q to buy a £1.50 bag of screws I will have to apportion it to various properties and then copy the apportioned receipt? Seriously? Will the hackers of the world save us from these lunatics? I can do my tax bill quite easily already. I do not need hmrc's help. Over the

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  • Santander is dropping the rent rise clause but only for new mortgages

    2017-02-20 16:21:11

    Heather, I think the clause is open to interpretation and without knowing how this fits in with your lease, and lease period, it is difficult to strictly interpret.I can see that it is logical where commercial properties have formal review periods say every 5 or 10 years .... If on purchase you ha

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