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Tuesday 10th September 2013

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Mike W

2 days ago
Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

Like many people I have become concerned about BBC biased reporting whether it be the subject here or Brexit or any other matter. The BBC has become tabloid and no longer reports facts. It is quite happy to broadcast opinions.
The question is do we sit back or do we fight back? Easier said than done perhaps but just as this 'journalist' got financing and air time why cannot we?
Also we need to think more broadly to explain the issues. For example: when people comment about landlord evictions I say what happens to you if you don't pay your mortgage payments that you signed up for? If you loan someone £100,000 (or other figure representing the value of a house) and they don't pay the interest they offered would you be happy? The issue is there are some bad examples of landlords but as we know they are a very very small proportion. It takes some research and effort but until we as a group of landlords start standing up for ourselves (and not just on our own bulletin board) we are going nowhere.
My applause goes to those who have done some excellent research but why is this not being broadcast by the BBC?... Read More

Mike W

3 weeks ago
Reply to serious flaws in BTL article by The Economist

An excellent article pointing out the lack of real research. Unfortunately this seems to be the way things are going. BBC is now very tabloid and desperate to report opinions rather than facts - Brexit being the best example.

But what should landlords learn from this? Surely someone among us is capable of writing a better more balanced article? But publication is perhaps the problem? Why don't journalists (who presumably have the necessary publication contacts) own BTL property?
I became a landlord just 6 months after buying my first house. My employer who had told me I would be in the town for the next 3 years promptly moved me to London to cover a staff shortage. I couldn't sell except at a loss so I rented it out and rented in London. The private rental market facilitates work flexibility. But s24 does not facilitate this sort of action. Indeed it places an event higher disincentive than the old tax system created.... Read More

Mike W

3 weeks ago
Tenants notice period on Scottish PRT

The new lease is a disaster. The hotel and B&B trade will go bankrupt. If you want cheap accommodation - better than say 10 nights in a premier inn or B&B - rent a house for a month and give 28 days notice on day one. Yes more expensive than a one night stay but for a week? I think that answers AA's comment.... Read More

Mike W

4 months ago
Trespass by Housing Association

Hi Barry,
I think you need to first check your deeds to see if there are any freeholder rights. I suspect not for this.
The most likely cause is the ignorance of the installer who took the easiest solution without considering the legal aspects. It would be normal to discharge into a drain - either internal or external. However is it the condensate line or the blowdown line - which would be much more serious? If it is the condensate line where has he put the blowdown line?
You can't do nothing as that would be tacit acceptance of the situation. Frankly I am not sure the condensate is harmful if it is normally discharged to drains ..... but I am not an expert. I had this sort of situation years ago but prior to installation asked my neighbour if i could discharge the condensate into the water drain which took the rainwater off my roof. (The drain was located in his garden when the properties were originally built and there were provisions in the deeds to allow me to do it - but I thought I better 'ask' first - just to be polite.)... Read More

Mike W

5 months ago
Tenancy achieved by deception question

So you rented out a property worth £? to someone you had never met before based on what they said to you. And you believed them without checking whether their statements were true. That is very generous and trusting of you.
Whether or not they have a job may not be relevant if they have other sources of finance, and of course a job can be a zero hours contract or a ceo of a large company - both are insecure. But I can understand your reservations: you now consider them untrustworthy, and if something goes wrong how can you trust their version of events?
I think your powers of removal are entirely based upon the tenant performance: namely whether or not they meet their obligations, for example, pay the rent. To try and remove someone from a contract, just because you think they are untrustworthy, would not get very far in court.... Read More