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Mike W

18:22 PM, 10th September 2018
About a month ago

Having the Rugg pulled out from under - 'MOT Check'!

This is discrimination. Why wouldn't home owners be required to have this as well to ensure they are not living in a hovel? Start with home sales/purchases and then regular MOT.
Sounds like super nanny state?

Then perhaps someone will see how ridiculous this is.... Read More

Mike W

14:42 PM, 27th March 2018
About 7 months ago

First time having a guarantor?

As others have said - check.
Linkedin accounts can be false.
Even if checked out before - did you see the check? Is it relevant today? Why is the tenant moving? Do you believe the current landlord/agent?
Am I paranoid?
My best example: a really nice student offering her school aged sister as guarantor - sister pretending to be the mother!... Read More

Mike W

18:15 PM, 20th March 2018
About 7 months ago

Fair or unfair landlord treatment - We're OUT!

Reading some of the horror stories made me wonder whether anyone had taken a deposit scheme adjudicator to court for incompetence? Or is it really that landlords are too trusting and don't have all the evidence to prove damage?... Read More

Mike W

17:20 PM, 6th March 2018
About 7 months ago

JRF report is a missed opportunity to sort out Government's mess

Another excellent article.

No criticism but when are "we" going to make that breakthrough by having an article published in a paper/journal/broadcaster.
Where are our journalist /editor contacts?
Where has right of reply gone?... Read More

Mike W

12:12 PM, 23rd February 2018
About 8 months ago

Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

Like many people I have become concerned about BBC biased reporting whether it be the subject here or Brexit or any other matter. The BBC has become tabloid and no longer reports facts. It is quite happy to broadcast opinions.
The question is do we sit back or do we fight back? Easier said than done perhaps but just as this 'journalist' got financing and air time why cannot we?
Also we need to think more broadly to explain the issues. For example: when people comment about landlord evictions I say what happens to you if you don't pay your mortgage payments that you signed up for? If you loan someone £100,000 (or other figure representing the value of a house) and they don't pay the interest they offered would you be happy? The issue is there are some bad examples of landlords but as we know they are a very very small proportion. It takes some research and effort but until we as a group of landlords start standing up for ourselves (and not just on our own bulletin board) we are going nowhere.
My applause goes to those who have done some excellent research but why is this not being broadcast by the BBC?... Read More