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Mike W

12:26 PM, 23rd May 2022, About A day ago

Right to enter an empty leasehold flat in emergency?

Given what you say, I suspect the developer was liquidated? Purchasers may have claims against a new build warranty but would need to check their purchase documentation. Were completion certificates ever issued?... Read More

Mike W

18:19 PM, 7th February 2022, About 4 months ago

Demonstrating the cost of Landlord Licences?

Hi Stewart,
Ian is completely correct. I am in Scotland and a few years ago I, and another landlord made a series of FOI requests which ultimately led us into making a formal complaint because the council was not following the rules. Indeed we discovered that in the budget they were proposing to double the charges in order to generate funds for general expenditure. We went through the full 3 stage complaints procedure, the last stage of which was from the council ceo. The council were adamant that they could charge what they liked. We took the case to the local council ombudsman who sided with the council. Incidentally we had also made FOIs to every council in Scotland and only 2 held this position - mine and Glasgow. So I then complained to the Government local council auditor who was doing an audit on the council at the time. The auditor agreed with us but let the council 'balance out the account' over a 3 year period. In my opinion this was done because to make the adjustment immediately would have required the nightmare (for the council) to have to repay the overcharging of fees for the previous 2 years.
There is also the issue of whether licence payers should pay for enforcement. I contend that the licence payer should only pay for the cost of licencing and not pay for any enforcement cost. We currently have a two element fee: the first part is for initial inspection and the second part is for annual monitoring cost for next 2 years. If you don't get a licence then the element for the next few years is refunded.

So no profit from undertaking licencing.
Hope that helps.... Read More

Mike W

16:10 PM, 21st May 2021, About A year ago

EICRs From Hell?

Get a better electrician.
Maybe I have been lucky with mine, but he explains the issues. Recently another landlord in the block (of 4 flats - one owned by the council) asked all landlords to pay their share of fixing the communal electrics. He attached his electricians comments. I asked my electrician to comment. He said if the guy has inspected the electric's where is his report on the problems? I can't comment until I see the fault report. What he is trying to do is get you to pay to fix a problem and then he will issue a new clean EICR. He shouldn't do that. He has been asked to check so he should state what he has found and what needs to be done in writing. Once the report was seen it was obvious the first electrician did not know what he was doing. My electrician had a look on site and provided a much cheaper quote stating exactly what he thought was wrong and what had to be fixed. The council's electrician said, after the matter was sorted, that it was clear that the first electrician did not know what he was looking at whereas mine did.

So like in life there are those who know how to do a job properly and those who don't. The problem is identifying the good uns.

M... Read More

Mike W

15:50 PM, 9th April 2021, About A year ago

Smart Meter Installation - thoughts please?

I had one case where a tenant installed a smart meter without consultation with me, so you are lucky. When they left there was no manual on how to read the meter and the small Chameleon SMETS2 unit (a small phone size unit which connects to smart meter). EON the supplier refused to supply missing items unless I paid them £30. So what was benefit to landlord as next consummer? Took EON to Ombudsman who agreed they should provide missing documentation free. BUT the big issue was that the electricity meter was external and as well as the new meter they installed an isolation switch which was not there before. Now an isolation switch is 'good practice' but is not needed in an external box if the consummer board is within 3 m of the meter. But of course the nerd installers did not bother to look inside the house. Why am I bothered? There are known cases of undesirables opening up external meter boxes and switching off the power on the isolation switch to inconvenience the occupant.... Read More

Mike W

10:58 AM, 15th February 2021, About A year ago

What to expect in the 2021 Budget?

Perhaps we should lobby for tax rebates equating to all the lost rent caused by inability to evict? ie the government paying 100% compensation to landlords? "is that not 'doing the right thing?' in supporting the nation in a time of crisis?"... Read More