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Mike W

3 months ago
Landlords attacked for being wealthy fallacy

Perhaps a few letters to the editor of the evening standard should be made point out these basic factual errors on the then chancellor (Osborne). I wonder whether the evening standard editor (Osborne) will publish them?... Read More

Mike W

3 months ago
Inheritance for 12 year old and declaration of trust!

Take legal advice. This is not quite as simple as you might think.
Can minors own property directly?
I am surprised the inheritance did not come with restrictions on a minor.....
Trusts .....
Being sued by child if you loose money?
CGT on your disposal ..
And that is all I could think of in a minute or so.... Read More

Mike W

4 months ago
£16,000 fine for Landlord because tenant played dance music for 36 hours straight!


Firstly this is a typical example of people responding to 'facts' posted without checking the story.
Secondly I do not know all the facts and as yet I have not accessed the court records.
Thirdly the newspaper story is clearly totally different.
Forthly if there were a tenant in place the why was this evidence not brought to the court? Tenancy agreement etc ... There was clearly other evidence....
Fifthly Trumpisms depend on people with preconceived ideas having those ideas reinforced by FAKE NEWS. We don't check the facts.
Sixthly if it were a court story I don't believe the judiciary are that stupid.
Now if I have got the wrong end of this 'story' I apologise but having read the newspaper story there is obviously another side to the story. Of course it could be wrong .... As I said I haven't yet checked the court records .... but at this point I am not going to bother!... Read More

Mike W

4 months ago
New BBC1 Programme about Landlords

Thanks to Monty for your post just before midday. It is always interesting to see the presumption behind the program. So I must say I feel sorry for Grace. The preconception is that Landlords do not understand what they are providing and do not understand their tenants lives.
It would interesting to apply that to for example Councillors and managers of social housing perhaps? Maybe even board directors of large private companies ...? Maybe to Government Ministers?

Im afraid that when I started out as a tenant in the early 1970s and remained a tenant (and landlord - my own home was rented out as I had to move with my work frequently) and with my children now living as tenants, I don't qualify. I know both sides of the equation and do not recognise the preconception.... Read More

Mike W

6 months ago
Quarterly Digital Tax Returns for turnover less than 83k delayed?

The problem is that it is not going away. Unfortunately this will go the way of all large database IT projects. The IT consultants will earn loadsamoney. The business will do its best. The poor business targeted by HMRC on a routine check will not have done it properly and HMRC will have its target. A sensible person would shelve it.
For my part I will carefully allocate the bag of screws bought from B&Q to each of the 10 properties etc etc.I haven't worked out how the mortgage interest will be handled. Will the building society calculate my interest on the repayment mortgage each quarter in time for submission? I'm sure I can think of a few other things. It is obvious that the government is trying in various ways to eliminate private landlords. This is death by reporting. I thought we will need to be a dynamic economy set to face the new world post brexit ....Where are all the tenants going to go?... Read More