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  • accountant

    Help Limited company accounts and tax return

    2016-12-02 11:14:21

    Hi Stuart, I am in the same position. Suggest you pay for one or two years. Make sure you get reports and understand exactly what is being done. Then when you know what to do, DIY.

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  • responsibility

    Build flaw in new apartment lead to flood and denials?

    2016-12-01 10:10:42

    A family member experienced a similar issue which was slightly different but is worth mentioning. Again a new build but problem became evident after 2 years. This is a very common problem in blocks of flats according to the insurance assessor. In this case the leak occurred in a neighbour's flat an

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  • autumn statement

    Autumn Statement 2016 – Landlords Reactions

    2016-11-26 18:03:34

    I just wondered whether anyone had picked up on the reporting requirements that are coming for landlords under 'Make Tax Digital'? Quarterly reporting and scanning of all receipts/records. And reporting of each property! Clearly a proposal which comes from a civil servant with no experience of the r

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  • health and safety

    New safety rules to further deplete our profits! surely not?

    2016-09-28 12:01:08

    Ask your agent exactly where you can find this information requirement on the Scottish Govt website or provide the necessary weblink to the requirement. I would be interested to know, so if you get that info please post it.

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  • get in

    Do I get in now?

    2016-09-15 13:44:48

    Matt it is exactly the same as investing in anything - eg shares. If you understand it its easy.But relative to past years property is more difficult.It is clear that the conservative government have become anti landlord. Do you think they will change? or will it get worse? Are they anti investment?

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