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Steve Gracey

17:51 PM, 4th December 2014, About 7 years ago

Why Councils advise tenants to remain in property until eviction

As Monty says section 8.32 in their guidance is quite clear ...... it is unlikely to be reasonable for the applicant to continue to occupy the
accommodation beyond the date given in the s.21 notice

My council knows what they are doing is wrong because they officially deny that they are doing it. All the local agents, landlords, homeless charities, even their own advice line insist that they do tell tenants to wait until bailiffs arrive. We asked for clarification of their advice at their Landlords forum and were promised an answer in April and we're still waiting.

I think we need a test case - Mark is this something for Property 118 maybe? Challenging the councils wrongful interference in a legal contract between landlord and tenant resulting in financial loss to landlord.... Read More

Steve Gracey

17:27 PM, 4th December 2014, About 7 years ago

Washing machine removed - Crime or Not?

I agree with other replies - yes a crime has happened, yes the police should pursue it, and yes they will try and fob you off saying it is a civil matter.

Be firm with the Police and you should get it through. Google the theft act for them and ask them why specifically they think this is not a criminal offence.

I had a case where boyfriend caused £100s of pounds of damage actually witnessed by police who arrested him for threatening behaviour. Police said the damage was a civil matter and nothing to do with them because it was to do with tenants / guests. I googled the Criminal Damage Act which doesn't show any such exclusion and copied it to a friendly inspector. In the end she put it through as a non CPS court case and he admitted it. CPS seemed to be the ones blocking it. I didn't even attend.

I should add that I was very pleased with myself until I realised later that I get 50 p every week on this payment plan thingy and even that doesn't turn up most weeks.... Read More

Steve Gracey

0:45 AM, 28th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Universal Credit / HB monies paid direct to tenants

Whoah there AllBankers,

You are right - because I dared to discus Immigration I am of course a small minded inflammatory bigot.

The previous post to mine said ...”The only way to get HB claimants out of bed is to make the differential twixt wages (increase) & benefits (decrease) to a point where it IS worth working”

I agreed with this and then attempted (maybe not very well) to illustrate that if these claimants got out of bed and took a job then we wouldn’t need 3 million immigrants to do the jobs that they won't do and then we wouldn’t have all this pressure on housing etc.

Here’s another quote from someone else who also has small minded inflammatory bigoted views just the same as me ....”low skilled immigration is too high”. Yes, Ed Miliband is also quite clearly a small minded bigot just like the entire population of Rochester who dared to democratically elect a UKIP MP, and of course the whole of Australia because they have dared to democratically choose to have a CONTROLLED immigration policy. You have a different point of view and your view must be right because you read the Guardian and can make clever wordplays about bankers. You are clearly much more intelligent than me or Ed or Australia and therefore you must not discuss anything to do with the dreaded I word without resorting to insults.

Grow up and play nicely – lots of people are concerned about immigration, it puts pressure on house prices and rents via supply and demand (ever heard of that?) and quite possibly puts more people onto benefits such as UC so I think it’s relevant to discuss on a property portal. Its a big issue for all the parties at the moment, if everyone is discussing it apart from you then who is the small minded bigot?

Mark – you are right, it’s both our benefits system and immigration policy that annoys me. But I think it is primarily the current benefits system which has low skilled people choosing not to work necessitating their replacement by immigrant labour creating a viscous circle sucking in even more cheaper immigrant labour. That’s just my humble opinion but I am merely a small minded bigot making even more inflammatory comments.

Allbankers - I think you should look up the definition of small minded and then consider your rude and dismissive response to me.... Read More

Steve Gracey

12:55 PM, 26th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Licensing Consultation in Southwark

How about licensing fees are free (Marks suggestion) and councils finance it by fining the criminal rogue landlords. Apparently there are shed loads of these criminal rogue landlords so this will earn you a mint..

If they are really that hard to find then do what everyone else does in civil actions and get the court to put a charge on the property or ultimately seize the property and sell it.

OR do it up and run it yourselves as housing because you sound confident you can do a much better safer job.

Doh! Scrap that last idea - Southwark council can't get a licence because of their criminal convictions. And they'd just end up suing themselves anyway which can't really be called self financing.... Read More

Steve Gracey

12:33 PM, 26th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Revenge Eviction or was the landlord right?

Is cavity wall insulation good or bad for condensation?

I think the air in the cavity wall is a pretty good insulator. It also allows ventilation which is why there are air bricks built into the outer wall AND it keeps the 2 surfaces apart so moisture has no way at all from reaching the inner wall from the outer wall.

Stuff this gap full of cotton wool and the u values (thermal conductivity) improve BUT at what expense? The ventilation of the cavity has ceased and worse still we have now bridged the air gap which now allows moisture to bridge across to the inner wall.

My views are ....

Cavity Wall Insulation = Good in homes with healthy lifestyles, where people like to breathe fresh oxygen.

Cavity wall insulation = Bad where inhabitants like to breathe stale second hand CO2 that's gone through the whole families lungs and the dogs lungs several times. AND Very bad for overcrowded small properties (sums about surface areas) where people are in the house for long periods of time.

Anyone else think there is a connection with the rise in cavity wall insulation and the rise in condensation?... Read More