Online Profiles For Good Landlords

Online Profiles For Good Landlords

16:16 PM, 6th December 2012, About 12 years ago 2

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Most landlords have no online profile at all but does it matter?

Well actually I think it does, particularly for those who want to be known as Good Landlords. People like to know who they are dealing with and the simplest way to check somebody out is to do a Google Search. I’m sure some tenants check out their landlord for example. Just ask yourself, have you ever Googled a person to find out more about them? Maybe you haven’t, but I can assure you that most people have.

If you type into Google your name and town or your name + the word Landlord or Property what comes up?

As a landlord you are a business and all businesses need some exposure on the internet. You don’t have to have a website though, just something that will come up when people search for you. Imagine being able to go to your local pub and saying to your friends “just put my name into Google followed by the town I live in or the word landlord or property and see what comes up”. How cool would it be if you were on the first page?

Well that’s exactly what happens for every member of The Good Landlords Campaign and it only costs a one off fee of £50 to become a member.

You don’t have to do anything technical, just fill in the form to join, press submit and enter your credit card details into the secure PayPal payment system. We do everything else for you and within a week you will have the bragging rights of being on page one of Google.

If you already have a website that’s great, most small businesses do these days – landlords possibly being one of just a few of the exceptions to the rule.

Even if you do have a website, a second entry for your business on Page One of Google could add credibility, especially if it is on the Property118 website.

You don’t even have to be a Landlord to become a member of The Good Landlords Campaign. If you have a business which landlords buy this could also be a great way to promote that business for instance.

All we really want is for Good Landlords and businesses who are sick of hearing the phrase “Rogue Landlords” to become members and to support our cause which is to promote and offer support to GOOD Landlords.

Give it a go, it’s just one of the advantages of becoming a member of The Good Landlords Campaign that we haven’t really shouted about until now.

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0:56 AM, 2nd January 2013, About 12 years ago

Hi Mark, What benefits, if any, does the membership of "The Good Landlords Campaign" bring? One does not need to pay £50 in order to gain an entry on Google. For instance, if you join the professional network LinkedIn (free of charge), your name can definitely be found by googling. When I google my name, I can find my details on the top of the first UK Google page, before any of my namesakes, because of my LinkedIn membership. Mind you, you will not find details of my landlord status, as I have never mentioned it, not being a professional landlord. I am not sure if joining LinkedIn would benefit landlords, except for the bragging rights you seem to encourage!

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

8:33 AM, 2nd January 2013, About 12 years ago

Ever since I've been using The Good Landlords Campaign Deed of Assurance I have found it much easier to differentiate between tenants who are truly committed to a long term relationship and those who are not. As you say, LinkedIn is a great way to get found by your peers, I'm a member myself, it's just different. If all you need is to be found then LinkedIn might be good enough if you put the effort into building your profile properly. However, if you want to be known as being a good landlord and want somebody else to build your profile for you, and of course you support the aims of the campaign, then I would obviously argue that The Good Landlords Campaign is £50 very well spent.

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