Non resident CGT and gifting query?

Readers Question - Published on 11/01/2017
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It’s said to be possible only post April 2015 gains are payable on the sale of residential property (subject to the non resident rules/temporary non resident rule for 6 years not the 5 stated ). globe

However, my query is centered on would it be possible on to gift/transfer said residential property to someone and again only post April 2015 gains be due?

Obviously it would have to be a CGT free country, such as the Isle Of Man. Or would this not be possible due to some provisions/ anything I am missing?

If so I understand, subject to proof having lived in a property at –some- point also the last 18 months of ownership would also be CGT free? And Lettings relief of some amount would be available? Or are those two just for residents oppose to non residents ?

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