Showcasing Nickit & Leggett Business Lawyers Norwich

Showcasing Nickit & Leggett Business Lawyers Norwich

19:46 PM, 5th May 2011, About 13 years ago

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Nicket and Leggett Business Lawyers Norwich

If you type Business Lawyers Norwich into Google this spoof profile will appear on page one.  

As you have probably guessed, Norwich based Law firm Nickit & Leggett Business Lawyers doesn’t really exist!

I created this web-page purely to showcase my internet marketing knowledge to businesses as I’m looking promote the sale of my training notes from a course I developed called “SEO Made Easy – marketing your business online”.

Many people in business believe that ranking highly in search engines is the “holy grail” of internet marketing. Having taken my former start up business to a ranking of 38 in The Times Profit Track 100 in 2008 I can assure you that search engine optimisation really is one of the vital ingredients. This page is concrete evidence that I know how to get web-pages to rank highly in search engines.

Chances are, you only found this page because you are a business lawyer yourself or you were were intrigued by something I sent to you, or indeed which you read or heard about elsewhere. Intrigue and curiosity are incredibly powerful motivators but do you use this to your advantage?

When I retired from my former business in 2009 I was just 41 years of age. I needed a completely different challenge and accepted a consultancy position within a well established provincial law firm. I helped them to launch an international sports law and football agency which continues to go from strength to strength. That project completed some time ago and I have since decided to sell the notes I created for the training sessions with these lawyers.

I am also the founder of the Property118 website which you are viewing at the moment. It started as a hobby yet it now serves over five million user sessions every year ad provides me with a substantial income from referral fees.

Nickett and Leggett Business Lawyers Norwich is not regulated by the Law Society.

The SEO Made Easy PDF download explains:-

  • exactly what Google are looking for – it’s a simple filing system really
  • how easy it is to provide Google with the right information to rank your web-pages
  • how to rank your website pages on page one of Google for the search term you want to be found
  • the relevance of Page Rank and website links
  • how we persuaded over 700 websites to link to Property118
  • my preferred website platform
  • how to avoid the SEO sharks
The document also goes on to explain:-
  • What Google wants to see
  • Meta Description and Meta Title
  • Key Words in the first sentence/paragraph
  • Optimal page length and headings
  • Optimising Pictures
  • Why Google hates plagiarism and how they detect it
  • Keyword Density and Related Search Terms
  • Why many websites make much work and the alternatives
  • Relevance, Authority and Popularity
  • Making it all match up
  • Ease of implementation
  • My preferred website platform and plugins
  • Beware the sharks
  • The value of links
  • Google Page Rank
  • Why simple isn’t always obvious


My SEO Made Easy PDF document is concise too – just 2,931 words on six pages.

SEO Made Easy - Marketing Your Business Online

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I only want happy customers. Therefore, to guarantee that you have nothing to lose I have decided to make this promise to you. If you are not entirely satisfied with the information contained in the document just email me within 3 days explaining why and I personally guarantee to refund your money, whether I agree with you or not.

To download your copy of my SEO Made Easy PDF document please complete the form below.

SEO Made Easy - Marketing Your Business Online

Yet to be convinced?

OK, here’s the introduction to give you an idea of the style of the document ….


Getting your business to show on page one of Google results for a specific keyword or phrase has become the “Holy Grail” for marketing departments of most businesses.

The methodology of achieving Google page one presence is surrounded by mystique. A common misconception exists that the Google algorithm is some dark kept secret, a code which geeks the world over are trying to break.

Nothing could be further from the truth but the IT industry don’t share this truth as it is not in their interests to do so. Anybody can download the Google algorithm from the US patents office and Google’s own Head of Quality (Matt Cutts) even has a You Tube channel which updates anybody who is interested on new or proposed amendments to the Google algorithm. Google want their search engine users to find what they are looking for with ease. The problem is that most businesses and the people designing their websites don’t have the slightest idea how to help Google to achieve their objective and there are others who try to beat the system so the algorithm has to be constantly updated, the basic rules very rarely change though.

Most website designers are exactly that – DESIGNERS. In most cases they don’t know the first thing about SEO, they don’t need to, they simply bamboozle small businesses with ‘geek speak’ and fancy brochure style websites. Just because a web-site looks nice and does clever things does not mean it will be found. Most websites I look at are like well stocked shops, full of bargains, yet located in the North Pole, i.e. they are rarely visited.

Learn how to massively increase the popularity of your website by downloading my SEO Made Easy training notes in PDF format. Do it now whilst you have the opportunity to get it for the special price available exclusively to Property118 readers. Simply scroll up to find the order form or scroll down to the comments section to add or read testimonials.

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