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Safety laws should be applied to ALL property owners Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Maintenance

Safety laws should be applied to ALL property owners

I am in favour of new regulations which could help to save lives but I don’t understand why only the lives of tenants seem to matter in the eyes of the law.

I don’t have gas at home but I do have electricity (yes even in mid Norfolk LOL) and I also have an electrical safety certificate dated just a few months ago for my own home. Safety laws should be applied to ALL property owners

If proposed new regulations for electrical testing in residential properties comes about then I hope they are imposed on all property owners and not just landlords.

Laws need to be applied equally.

If the lawmakers don’t care about the safety of children living with irresponsible parents who don’t get their homes checked for gas and now electricity then why do they care so much about tenants living in rental properties?

How many homeowners get an annual gas safety check?

Why shouldn’t owner occupiers be made legally responsible for protecting the lives of their children, neighbours, emergency services who try to rescue them when their house explodes in a ball of flames and of course their own lives?

What’s good for the goose ….

What are your thoughts?

Councils lose Court cases over HMO licence fees HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Three cases have recently been tested in the Courts whereby Councils have charged more for HMO licensing then was reasonable.

There are rules to prevent Councils using HMO licensing to raise funds for other activities.

Hemming v Westminster City Council: The case outlines the type of costs that councils can recover through locally set licence fees and the processes councils have in place to ensure fee setting is transparent and open to scrutiny. The key issue addressed was whether the fees set by Westminster City Council complied with the requirements of the European Services Directive 2009 and the interpretation of Article 13(2) of the Directive. The Services Directive also makes it clear that licence fees covered by the Directive can only be used to recover costs and should not be used to make a profit or deter service providers from entering a market. Councils lose Court cases over HMO licence fees

Crompton v Oxford City Council: The power to charge fees in respect of HMO licensing is found in s63 of the Housing Act 2004. Importantly, this power is granted in respect of licence applications only. Oxford City Council has sought to charge a fee for the variation of an HMO licence. The Residential Property Tribunal (RPT) ruled that the fee was unlawful and that it could not be charged.

Bristol City Council v Digs (Bristol) Ltd: The defendant was the private landlord of a maisonette in multiple occupation. The council brought a prosecution for failure to obtain an HMO licence and for breaches of the HMO regulations. A District Judge at Bristol Magistrates Court tried the preliminary issue of whether the maisonette was a licensable HMO. It extended over two storeys of a building with a further entrance corridor and hallway on a lower storey. The council included the lower storey in deciding that the HMO extended to three storeys. The Judge held that having regard to Article 3 of the HMO (Prescribed Description) (England) (Order) the maisonette was not an HMO. The council had been wrong to include the lower storey. In the light of that ruling, the council offered no evidence and the defendant was acquitted.

In the wake of these rulings the NLA is asking all local authorities in England to contact any affected landlords, informing them of their right to appropriate refunds and providing details of how they may make a claim.

Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer at the National Landlords Association (NLA), said:

we have asked local authorities to come clean about the level of fees they have charged private-landlords, if they were entitled to make these charges, and when they will refund any money unjustly demanded.

Mr Lambert went on to add:

“In writing to all local authorities in England we’re acknowledging the good working partnership many private landlords have with town halls, but making clear they should not be absorbing the costs of overcharging to support other council functions”.

Showcasing Nickit & Leggett Business Lawyers Norwich Latest Articles

Nicket and Leggett Business Lawyers Norwich

If you type Business Lawyers Norwich into Google this spoof profile will appear on page one.  

As you have probably guessed, Norwich based Law firm Nickit & Leggett Business Lawyers doesn’t really exist!

I created this web-page purely to showcase my internet marketing knowledge to businesses as I’m looking promote the sale of my training notes from a course I developed called “SEO Made Easy – marketing your business online”.

Many people in business believe that ranking highly in search engines is the “holy grail” of internet marketing. Having taken my former start up business to a ranking of 38 in The Times Profit Track 100 in 2008 I can assure you that search engine optimisation really is one of the vital ingredients. This page is concrete evidence that I know how to get web-pages to rank highly in search engines.

Chances are, you only found this page because you are a business lawyer yourself or you were were intrigued by something I sent to you, or indeed which you read or heard about elsewhere. Intrigue and curiosity are incredibly powerful motivators but do you use this to your advantage?

When I retired from my former business in 2009 I was just 41 years of age. I needed a completely different challenge and accepted a consultancy position within a well established provincial law firm. I helped them to launch an international sports law and football agency which continues to go from strength to strength. That project completed some time ago and I have since decided to sell the notes I created for the training sessions with these lawyers.

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