New Electrical Installation Condition Report Rules July 2020?

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13:36 PM, 15th July 2020
About 3 months ago

New Electrical Installation Condition Report Rules July 2020?

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New Electrical Installation Condition Report Rules July 2020?

I have just had an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out on a flat I rent out by an NIC approved contractor. The report has come back saying the installation is satisfactory.

The flat has just become vacant and I’m in the process of finding a new tenant. As far as I am aware under the new rules July 2020 a copy of the report has to be given to the new tenant at the start of the tenancy? (Along with gas Inspection, Epc, how to rent etc)?

In box 6 RECOMMENDATIONS of the report it says “I/We recommend that the installation is further inspected and tested by: (Then there is a box for the inspector to input his recommendation) In this box he has put “5 Years or change of tenant or owner”

Although he has put in the report 5 years or change of tenant or owner I am unsure of the new rules? Do the new Electrical safety rules state a new inspection has to be carried out every time there is a change of tenant? I’m not sure if the NIC inspector has added the extra words “or change of tenant or owner just to possibly keep himself in work more frequently? The electrical testing is a nice little earner for them.

I let the flat on a minimum 6 month tenancy. If a tenant moved out after say 8 months does this mean I would now have to have a new inspection done before I could re-let the flat?

I have been browsing the internet trying to find any information if new EICR’s have to be issued with each new tenancy but I can’t find anywhere saying this is the case. All I can find is information saying it should be done no later than 5 years from the previous inspection.

Please let me know your thoughts on this?


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10:31 AM, 1st September 2020
About 2 months ago

Just had 9 properties tested by an electrician I would not use again. However, all 9 properties have come back as unsatisfactory. I have never considered myself a bad landlord and have always checked that gas, electric and all utilities are safe...or so I thought.
With regard to the electrics we have always checked at least every 6 months, upgraded any boards to accommodate trip fuses and replaced any fittings showing signs of damage, cracking or arcing.
The certificates report that all circuits must have an RCD. Where these now have to be fitted retrospectively they report that as works are being carried out the Fuse boards must be changed to new compliant metal ones. They are quoting version 18 of the guide as the benchmark.
Is it correct that all revisions and upgrades must be carried out retrospectively to this standard.
3 of our properties are purpose built between 2005 and 2007 and have all failed on these same reasons.
Additionally, one has failed as they could not find a gas bond on the meter which is outside the block. There are 12 flats all the same, built 2005 and the 5 which are rented all hold gas safe certificates. Is it my job to find the earthing bond or should the electrician be able to test with a meter.
Any advice gratefully received.

Adrian Atkins

11:01 AM, 1st September 2020
About 2 months ago

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Has been a lot of discussion on there amongst electricians. General view is that recommendations are not retrospective. Just not up to current standard.

david porter

11:13 AM, 1st September 2020
About 2 months ago

There have been a large number of fires caused by defective refrigerators,
but the legislation is pointed towards a dwelling' s electrical sysyem. Who advised the Government? The electricians of course!
Quick get your electricians certification ad become a millionaire by Xmas!

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