New App to Help Contents Claims

by News Team

15:23 PM, 2nd December 2011
About 9 years ago

New App to Help Contents Claims

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New App to Help Contents Claims are making it even more difficult for landlords to avoid adopting new technology as they launch their new online asset management tool.

Readyclaim believe their tool will make easier and more accurate insurance claims as users can take pictures of their assets and attach pictures of receipts or invoices to it.

The software is available on the move on iPhones and Android phones as well as a PC version.

Readyclaim’s founder Tim Roots said: “Not being able to prove the value of contents or being under insured can be a real issue for landlords with multiple properties, as insurers may not pay out the full cost to replace lost or damaged items. Not many of us realise that insurers will ask for proof of ownership in the event of a substantial claim, which can include purchasing documentation and photographs.

“With the readyclaim system, landlords are given total peace of mind, knowing that they have an accurate and real-time account of their assets stored on our secure server, thus removing the chance of long, expensive and drawn out insurance disputes.”

Signing up isn’t free, it costs £11.99 a month or £23.99 for three months.


Mark Reynolds

18:07 PM, 4th December 2011
About 9 years ago

I completed a project similar to this some years ago for a friend of mine - Only his website was to store the same details for motorbikes, so that they can be presented to the insurance company in the event the bike got stolen. I don't know what happened in the end but it was a free website and it got used quite a bit from memory -


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