Multiple Gas Safety inspection costs?

by Readers Question

11:21 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

Multiple Gas Safety inspection costs?

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Multiple Gas Safety inspection costs?

How much is everyone paying for Gas safety inspections?

I have 8 properties, all on the same site. All have gas combi boilers & 1 gas appliance, a hob. I routinely get the combi’s serviced at the same time. My gas engineer is charging 8 x £75 to complete the work & issue 8 certificates.

That seems a lot, considering he’ll get all 8 done in a day.

That’s £600 for a day’s work, especially as it’s routine & repeat business for him.

I know rates vary around the country. I’m in South Devon. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone’s paying up & down the land.

Many thanks



Jerry Jones

11:40 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

I've just taken a service plan from a local company which gives me breakdown cover, annual service and a CP12, all for £10 per month for the boiler or £15 including the whole system. Might it be worth looking for something similar local to you?

Adrian Jones

11:47 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

Hi Piers,
£75 sounds good to me but as you say £600 for a day's work seems hefty.

Have you sought quotes from other engineers in your area?

What is his labour rate for repairs?

Luke P

11:51 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

£25 each, but I have volume. I routinely see £45/£50 as a 'Landlord Special' touted by local companies. But then this is the poor, miserable norrrf.


11:54 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Jerry Jones at 12/04/2018 - 11:40
Who have you taken your service cover with? We currently use British Gas with a multi premises policy but it's becoming very expensive and not often used so looking elsewhere but would prefer recommendations.
In reply to the OP I'd say £75 was a good rate for a service and CP12 - we probably pay that just for a service!

Jill Lucas

11:54 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

Yes this is very expensive! We pay £30 per flat for our gas safety checks in one area and at different locations. I think you need to shop around.

Pradip Thaker

11:54 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

Any company around medway towns in Kent that do similar gas safety plus service please let me know. As i pay £90 per property just for gas safety.

Jan Martin

11:57 AM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

That doesnt sound bad price to me if engineer carrying out Landlords gas safety and a service for £75.00 in your part of the world. Many charge for landlords Cert and service as seperate charges and can be well over £100 +vat .
Not sure how your engineer can carry out 8 in one day though .
Most of my properties are in wales and I have now found a Gas engineer who charges £60 per property .

user_ 12980

12:11 PM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

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Dylan Morris

12:11 PM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

I have three houses with gas combi boilers. (Cookers are electric). I get charged £75 for a certificate and a service for each property. Given that Baxi charge me £96 for a service on my own boiler I think what you are being charged is reasonable.


12:24 PM, 12th April 2018
About A year ago

I also think it's a reasonable amount. I got a similar quote (cheaper for my own own of course) but mine is included in the Homecare 4 which would be very expensive for 8 properties. However, at least it's allowable expenses ... for now.

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