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Jerry Jones

14 hours ago
Trail of destruction by tenant from hell in Liverpool Echo

Only too familiar, I'm afraid. Currently in the middle of refurbishing two properties in Middlesbrough which have been left damaged by tenants and not fit to re-let.

One well-known LHA-specialist letting agency even moved a tenant from one of my houses to a second one after they claimed a problem with the neighbours and they then did a runner from that one. Both were badly damaged by the same family, leaving me with two four figure bills!... Read More

Jerry Jones

2 months ago
Consent to let, but what if I move back in?

Regarding Consent To Let, I have just been caught out by this when talking to Santander, with whom I have what was a flexible residential mortgage, from when this was my own home. They will not revalue or allow me to draw further finds against the property now it is let so I either need to sell, remortgage or possibly have a second charge to access the equity to finance the refurb of another prop.... Read More

Jerry Jones

4 months ago
Henry Pryor dismisses landlord concerns over Section 24 as "complete pants"

I think the correct reaction is to point and laugh at the dimwit.... Read More

Jerry Jones

5 months ago
Selective Licensing Consultations

I've just paid my second £290 installment for one property in North Ormesby, the new selective licensing area of Middlesbrough and had my licence by email.... Read More

Jerry Jones

5 months ago
Similar tax for similar incomes

Reply to the comment left by "NW Landlord" at "08/03/2017 - 19:26":

Corporates can raise capital by issuing corporate bonds rather than mortgages, of course.... Read More