Majority of landlords do not plan to sell properties

Majority of landlords do not plan to sell properties

11:21 AM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago 11

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Seven out of 10 buy-to-let landlords do not intend to sell any of their properties in the next 12 months, according to a new survey.

The lender Landbay has revealed that landlords with smaller property portfolios of between one and three (78%) and four and 10 rentals (76%) are least likely to sell their properties.

However, 69% of landlords with more than 20 properties shared the same view, as did 59% of those with 11-20 properties.

The main reasons not to sell included the promise of strong rental yields and a potential downturn in house prices. Others said they were waiting to see what happens to mortgage rates in the coming months before making any decisions.

‘Landlords have shown real resilience’

Paul Brett, the firm’s managing director of intermediaries, said: “Against a backdrop of rising mortgage rates, increasing costs and tougher stress tests, landlords have continued to show real resilience.

“This is once again highlighted by our data and shows that despite the challenges, the majority of landlords are still not looking to trim their portfolios.”

He added: “While some may be adopting a ‘suck it and see’ approach in the current climate, there’s plenty of reasons to be positive as the year progresses.”

Landlords who want to sell properties

The main factor for landlords wanting to sell properties, the survey reveals, is rising interest rates (45%), while 22% said the tenant’s rent doesn’t cover their mortgage costs.

Of those landlords who are planning to sell properties, 20% said they intend to sell up to a quarter of their portfolio.

Just 2% plan to sell all their properties, while 8% intend to cut between 25% and 50% of their housing stock.

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Rich Robson

11:41 AM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

I want to sell them all, im sick of section 24 rules the threat of having to register and all that is stopping me is the lowering of capital gains to stop selling.


11:58 AM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

One article says Landlords selling up (correctly imo) then another one says landlords buying more properties, then another one says landlords not selling or buying ....
Statistics, percentages and lies.
..... just Gums bumping in the wind

Luke P

12:01 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

I am in the process of selling a large portfolio, as is my friend (large portfolio) in the same town. We have two other mutual friends that have already done so and another group of people I speak with are all at various stages of either selling up or seriously considering selling up.

The only ones that will remain are those more keen on making a name for themselves as the big fish in town or those that have been on an (expensive) course promising riches from property.


12:01 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

This is absolute BS. What survey? Something made up and put together to sustain and increase their *lending partnership*
A sales tactic to convince Landlords and prospective Landlords to borrow on BTL's


12:21 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

If I was exposed to higher risk such as a higher LTV or a troublesome tenant, then I absolutely would look to sell given the Rental Reforms coming into force soon. Would not be too difficult to sell in a market where there is still significant demand either from cash-rich investors or those looking to buy a house.

I am not selling, however. I am fairly risk-averse (one property is mortgage-free and the other is on a BTL mortgage with 60% LTV and on 3.1% for the next five years). Both properties have long-term tenants paying on time and without hassle and have recently signed contracts with rent increases to account for inflation.

I still think property market will be buoyant once the current economic issue is overcome - and then the long term gains will make it worthwhile.

Luke P

12:37 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by M K at 08/02/2023 - 12:21I don't think you're wrong about there being long terms gains once the current economic is overcome, but the imminent future reforms probably make those gains too much time/effort to make it worthwhile.

Life is literally passing us all by whilst we scramble to sort out, in exchange for less and less recompense, the Government's mess that is the housing needs of the country.

LL Minion

14:31 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

while many probably dont PLAN to sell the reality is some see little CHOICE! There is a difference.

increasing CGT makes it only less attractive to sell but at some point it will happen as the whole private market for LL is becoming a nightmare.
I will wait for house prices to go up again a bit then sell. hoping that off sets the additional cgt.


14:48 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

The best laid plans...

I've written surveys in the past, and you word them based on the answers you want. This survey is nonsense!

I took my profit from my London property before lockdown, and S24 had a lot to do with it. But I wasn't intending to sell my remaining BTLs up until 2020. Then, lockdown, illness, and one feckless tenant who cost me £20k, finally ended my confidence in BTL. I sold as soon as I could in 2022, and will finally be out of the PRS this year.

shaun carter

14:51 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

Land lords do not plan to sell but maybe forced. Ie epc rating, interest increase etc

Juan Degales

15:19 PM, 8th February 2023, About A year ago

What planet is the author of this article on? The great sell off is well underway and continues at speed. Just no longer worth the hassle and cost. Do the politicians think that they can push us thus far without a reaction?

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