Letting agency demands policies that support landlords

Letting agency demands policies that support landlords

0:02 AM, 28th May 2024, About 3 weeks ago 1

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A letting agency has called for the next government not to punish landlords and instead promote policies for more investment in the private rented sector.

Leaders Romans Group has compiled a Top 10 Manifesto Wishlist with a list of fiscal reforms for the private rented sector.

Some of the reforms on the wishlist include tax changes to stop landlords from leaving the sector.

Landlords play a vital role

Allison Thompson, national lettings managing director of Leaders Romans Group, has urged politicians to recognise landlords’ vital role in the housing market.

She said: “Politicians – of all parties – seem to be oblivious of the role that the private rented sector plays in providing housing for those who may be homeless due to a lack of council / social housing – a deficit which is growing by the day.

“A change in focus – from penalising ‘rogue landlords’ to encouraging the many fair and honest landlords is much needed.”

Ms Thompson also urges tax reforms to stop landlords leaving the sector.

She said: “We’ve already seen some landlords leaving the private rented sector because of substantially increased taxes.

“To compensate for the losses incurred through additional regulation and interest rates rises, taxation must be addressed as a matter of urgency. Property lets are the only businesses in the UK which do not have taxes off-set: the playing field must be levelled.”

Landlords in a state of limbo when it comes to EPCs

Leaders Roman Group say landlords are in a current state of limbo when it comes to EPC ratings.

The Prime Minister scrapped EPC targets which would have required landlords to ensure their rental properties had a minimum EPC rating of C.

The mooted deadline was 2025 for new tenancies, and by 2028 for all tenancies.

However, a new government could bring back EPC requirements.

Ms Thompson says: “Landlords are currently in a state of limbo when it comes to EPCs – the requirement to achieve a grade C has been scrapped, for now.

“Making energy efficiency structural changes is a long-term process which needs to be managed around rental voids and so landlords need a clearer timeframe for any future change. Consideration also needs to be given to whether the requirements are reasonable in the light of growing costs to landlords.”

Failure of the Renters (Reform) Bill

The letting agency criticises the government for not passing the Renters (Reform) Bill before the general election.

Ms Thompson said: “The failure of the much-anticipated Renters (Reform) Bill to pass into law is a significant setback for both landlords and tenants.

“While many of the Bill’s provisions were contentious – including concerns over periodic tenancies, the abolition of Section 21 and the associated issues of court delays along with the inclusion of the right to request a pet – we believed that continued dialogue and amendments would have addressed the concerns of all stakeholders, ultimately benefiting the rental market.”

She adds: “The failure to pass the Bill highlights the need for comprehensive housing policies that provide stability and address the critical issues facing the sector, principally the undersupply of good-quality rental homes.”

UK faces a housing crisis

Leaders Roman Group urge the next government to prioritise housing and introduce policies that will stop the housing crisis.

Ms Thompson continues: “As the UK faces a housing crisis, it is imperative that the incoming government prioritises housing policies that ensure stability and long-term solutions.

“Over the past 13 years, there have been 16 different housing ministers, demonstrating a lack of continuity and commitment. We urge the next administration to place housing at the heart of its agenda, providing the consistency and long-term focus that the sector desperately needs.”

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Michael Booth

17:47 PM, 28th May 2024, About 3 weeks ago

Liebor idiology will not allow them to be anything other than be obstructive towards prs it's in their genes, l suspect epc will be back to haunt the private landlord with the same consequences that the tories were told what will happen, if you have forgot it will be mass eviction for tenants and properties up for sale .

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