Let your property to the Council for Emergency Accommodation?

Let your property to the Council for Emergency Accommodation?

9:51 AM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago 17

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Interested to know if anyone lets their property to a Local Authority for use by them as Emergency Accommodation?

One of the LA’s I deal with has no housing of their own and I have recently been made aware that a huge supplier they had has pulled out of providing the same as it couldn’t make enough profit for themselves after paying private LL’s for the use of their property. Moreover damages to their property!

Clearly, I am not that naive to know that my property has the potential to still be trashed (that is always a risk with anyone from the Council list anyway) but if, as they are dealing directly with a private LL who has flats suitable for couples/families and the LA transferred such clients into them, the reality is they might not be as badly treated as the tenants know themselves they are getting a better deal than a B&B.

Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this?

Reluctant Landlord

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Judith Wordsworth

11:40 AM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago

I let property to a local HA and found out that they were using it for emergency accommodation. Which was fine in principle but the tenants trashed the place and it cost me around £10k to sort out, which the HA refused to pay a penny towards. The damage included using a gas barbecue to cook their food in the lounge and burnt the carpet; extensive mould which resulted in having to knock back to the brick.

I would say do this at your peril, sorry.

Michael Bond

11:52 AM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago

I guess the answer depends on how well you know the council people personally. Can you trust them? In the case of an elected councillor how secure is he/she in the seat? A change of political control at an election might make a huge difference.
At one extreme I am sure I read comments here a year or two ago of someone who let a HMO style property to a council for emergency B&B. The council gave it up after a reasonable time and almost immediately came down very hard (big fine) on the LL for minor breaches of the rules about HMOs arising from damage done by the Council's tenants which had not been reported to the LL.
At the other extreme here in Dorset before lockdown we had a very good relationship with Bournemouth Council and took tenants from them once we had persuaded them that it had to be on our terms.

Simon Smith

12:38 PM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago

I have also done this through a local Council

It was a nightmare with little support from the Council and nice large repair bills!

Rosanne Turvey

13:09 PM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago

I also did this through my local council and it was a nightmare! We had just refurbished the flat with brand new carpet etc. They had it for approximately 1 week and I had a phone call from my management company to say that they had had a host of complaints early that morning to say that there was loud music coming from the flat with about 30 teenagers outside using foul language. I immediately telephoned the chap that was supposed to be looking after it for the council and demanded that he tell me what was going on. It appears they let a 16 year old have the flat who them promptly had a massive party. He had candles burning and the wax spilt all over the carpet and there were also burn holes as well. I immediately demanded that the contract was cancelled but it took another month to get the property back to how it was. Never again! It's not actually the council that deal with everything either they sub-contract to another company. They also put people in there that are hard to house anywhere else.


14:50 PM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago

I've had numerous dealings with my L.A. and going through one now, I could write a book- keep away! I wish I had a nice cosy office job like theirs.

Lee Bailey

21:15 PM, 12th April 2021, About 2 years ago

Councils fund Shelter. Enemy number 1.
So I'd stay well away from all councils. They have the combined IQ of a retarded monkey on LSD. Wakefield council specifically.

Bet this gets taken down because LSD was mentioned haha

Jay James

3:45 AM, 13th April 2021, About 2 years ago

No. Not for all the tea in China and India combined.

Pamela Young

9:08 AM, 13th April 2021, About 2 years ago

Don’t even contemplate doing this.
20 years ago I bought a large building containing 6 flats. I paid a pittance as the LA emergency tenants had completely destroyed the value. The previous owner couldn’t get out their 7 year lease to the LA. Even now the locals remember the disturbances and I’ve worked hard to redeem the reputation of the building.


10:41 AM, 13th April 2021, About 2 years ago

thanks for all the feedback. A decision made I think in light of the comments!

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