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Arthur Allen

10:12 AM, 14th December 2019
About a month ago

Benefits of a family partnership we had not previously considered

Can this partnership also be done if there are still mortgages on the property? I have started up a new partnership with my twin sons and we have just bought a property together. I also have a large portfolio of properties in my name - could we add these to the partnership?... Read More

Arthur Allen

10:46 AM, 22nd October 2019
About 3 months ago

Tenant asks for so called 'No Fault Eviction Notice'?

I had a tenant who asked me to do this many years ago as she had been advised by one of her friends working for the local council that this was the way forward. I gave her Notice to Quit but all the council did was say that she had to stay put until the day she was forced to leave and would be made homeless. This would have then cost me as it would have had to go to court with all the associated costs. Unless they are a family with Social Workers involved they will not get anywhere and will instead be housed in temporary accommodation. I declined to take matters forward for her and she eventually left and moved to another private landlord.... Read More

Arthur Allen

12:31 PM, 11th March 2019
About 11 months ago

A tenant from hell can make or break you as a landlord

This also happened to me. My tenant was over £3,000 in arrears - this was due to the fact that she had to take some information into the council for her housing benefit to continue and she hadn't bothered to do it. I was being paid direct by the council at the time and at first I wasn't too worried that I had to wait for the rent, but after a length of time I telephoned the council to see what was happening and they told me they were still waiting for some information from her. I expressed my concern that I was now owed a large amount of money and was worried that she could ask for the rent to be paid direct to her at any time and I would lose it all. I was informed in no uncertain terms that she would not be allowed to be paid any back rent as it was owed to me, the landlord, and that if she did request that the rent be paid to her in future then this would only take effect after I had been paid the rent that was owed up until that date. So guess what? The following week a letter from the council arrived (on a Saturday so that I was left all weekend not being able to do anything about it) which told me that all the rent arrears had now been paid in full to my tenant! I was horrified and telephoned first thing on Monday morning only to be told that no-one could speak to me as my tenant had left instructions that the council were not to communicate with me and give me no information! I insisted that I needed to speak to an officer and was eventually allowed to do so. He informed me that my tenant had been into the offices with the information required, along with a letter from me and signed by me telling them that I was quite happy for her to be given all the rent arrears. This had been done by a CHAPS payment and I was told that I would have to get the arrears from the tenant. To cut a long story short it was proved that the tenant had forged my signature, they hadn't done a log of my telephone call although they had proof that I'd rung but to get my money back I had to go through a complaints procedure. No criminal action was taken against the tenant for forging my signature and of course she'd 'done a runner' as soon as she'd got the back payment of rent. Lesson learnt - I never rent to anyone claiming housing benefit. Oh and of course before she left she'd trashed the house.... Read More

Arthur Allen

11:54 AM, 23rd January 2019
About A year ago

Ban on Lettings Fees to commence June 1st

I give up! - I'm selling all my 11 properties.... Read More

Arthur Allen

13:02 PM, 6th August 2018
About A year ago

The Sun Newspaper Reports Leaked Budget Plans To Increase SDLT Again

This increasing tax on landlords so annoys me. Over the years I have worked extremely hard to build my portfolio. I live in a fishing/sea faring area and a lot of people who are at sea pay no taxes at all - they can be on land most of the year but as long as they are out at sea on a specific anniversary date then they pay no taxes for that year. Anybody in the merchant navy can do this as well and I know someone who works one week a month at sea and earns over £60,000 but pays no tax on that and he can also work for a separate company in the UK doing a second job and still earn £10,000 and use that as his tax allowance thereby in effect not paying any tax at all on £70,000! If the government want to raise more money why don't they start by rewriting the rules on seafarers.... Read More