Kitchen Conversion – Planning Permission?

Kitchen Conversion – Planning Permission?

12:19 PM, 9th January 2022, About A year ago 5

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Hi folks, Hope you are all well. I am going to buy a house and can see the following applications regarding this property on the council website.:

1: Kitchen extension to property
Address Ref. No: xx/xxxx/FUL | Validated: Wed 21 Jan 1987 | Status: Pending Consideration

2: Kitchen extension to property
Address Ref. No: xx/xxxx/FUL | Validated: Thu 23 Apr 1987 | Status: Pending Consideration

3: Construction of a dormer window and kitchen extension
Address Ref. No: xx/xxxx/FUL | Validated: Thu 30 Nov 1989 | Status: Granted

4: Construction of single storey extension to rear of property to provide ground floor bathroom facilities for use by disabled person
Address Ref. No: xx/xxxx/FUL | Validated: Tue 25 Nov 2003 | Status: Granted

The seller has converted the No.4 Disabled bathroom into the kitchen back in 2007 because that was not required anymore. So as per the current floor plan, there is a kitchen there instead of the bathroom.

Please advise, will it cause any issue for me as a buyer. I can not see anything regarding the kitchen conversion on the council website. Should I request him to apply for council permission/consent that they do not have any issue with it as previously application was granted for disabled bathroom and completion certificate was also issued?

Many thanks


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Elizabeth Bax

15:17 PM, 10th January 2022, About A year ago

No expert but my view would be for any queries on planning for a property you are thinking of purchasing take out an indemnity insurance for it - and do not contact the council, get the seller to pay the premium.

Something I've done a couple of times when I can see (minor) works with no planning record.


16:02 PM, 10th January 2022, About A year ago

Agree as above....also If you have already appointed a solicitor to take on your future purchase (whatever property that will be) - I'd ask them for a bit of advice too.

Ceyhan Sarac

19:15 PM, 10th January 2022, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Harlequin Garden at 10/01/2022 - 15:17What a brilliant idea!
I wonder how indemnity insurance does work in this instance ? ie. Is it only one off or you have to purchase every year or until such time you do not need it any more?
Could anyone also advise or give some idea how much indemnity insurance will cost in the same scenario above for instance please?

Ian Narbeth

9:36 AM, 11th January 2022, About A year ago

Dear Kaka
Your question is one that the solicitor acting for you on the purchase should answer. If he or she cannot, then change solicitors.

Wyn Burgess

9:14 AM, 15th January 2022, About A year ago

Don't think there is a significant issue. Generally Planning have only 4 years to enforce a material change to a property so action unlikely. There may be an arguable case that Building Regs approval should have been sought for the change from a bathroom back to a kitchen if there were significant drainge alterations for example. You can buy peace of mind with an indemnity policy though note they are very cheap because of the very low risk of a claim.

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