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Wyn Burgess

7:20 AM, 10th April 2021, About 6 months ago

Cladding Remediation: Cost of alternative accommodation?

Unlikely that cladding remediation would require flats to be vacated unless the construction of your block is unusual. In the situations I have come across flats have been occupied during the works.... Read More

Wyn Burgess

7:23 AM, 13th June 2020, About A year ago

Fire/Health and Safety Assessment Periodicity

Whilst the companies providing the assessments say they need to be carried out annually, my understanding is that they are only needed when significant changes have been made.... Read More

Wyn Burgess

7:31 AM, 16th May 2020, About A year ago

Something fishy with London's affordable housing numbers

Could be that the local Planning Authority require a % of a development to be affordable housing and sometimes this % isn't achieved for commercial or other reasons. This % to be affordable on the development is then reduced on a further planning application?... Read More

Wyn Burgess

7:50 AM, 15th February 2020, About 2 years ago

No parking spaces for redevelopment say Council!

I think you need to speak to a planning consultant, maybe the advice will be you have to swallow it and apply to have the condition set aside a few years hence or you could ask what the consequences would be if you left the spaces intact?... Read More

Wyn Burgess

7:39 AM, 15th February 2020, About 2 years ago

New RICS process to deal with high rise cladding?

Are you sure your building qualifies under the 18m threshold? It is not the overall height but the height of the top floor above the lowest external ground level. A 6 storey building is probably less than 18m, I had to go through this exercise at a 6 storey block I help manage in Hornsey and the height of the floor to the penthouse flats was 16.2m so significatly under the threshold. Ask the managing agents for help, someone may already have the information as local authorities are proactive in writing to all the owners of medium rise blocks.... Read More