Inventory question – tenants refusing re-entry for cleaning

Inventory question – tenants refusing re-entry for cleaning

13:05 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago 11

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Hi there, I am looking for some advice as this is a situation I have never come across before, and not sure how to take this forward.

I am an inventory clerk and I carried out an inventory and check in last week. The landlord paid for a full tenancy clean but at the time of inspection there were a few omissions. The tenants were keen, as was the landlord, to have the cleaners return to rectify all the problems. Inventory question in regards to cleaning and tenants refusing re-entry

The property is managed, so the estate agents arranged with both the cleaners and the tenants a time to go back. When the cleaners arrived, the tenants said it wasn’t convenient and didn’t allow entry.

I am now stuck as to what to do with this report. On one hand, at the time of my inspection there were omissions, however, it was agreed they would go back and rectify and I would state this in my report once it had been done and all parties were happy. The landlady is very concerned that firstly she has paid for a sub-standard clean and feels all the issues need to be rectified, secondly and most importantly, she is very concerned that because the report has omissions, the tenants will leave it in the same condition on check out, which in a lot of ways means the clean that has been done is pointless.

Can I put a note on my report to explain what has happened, and does it even mean anything and could it be enforced? If so, who would be liable for these omissions if the tenants do choose to leave it like this?

It is a tricky situation and every reasonable step has been taken to rectify these issues. It isn’t the landlady, estate agent or cleaners fault this hasn’t been rectified.

Some advice would be really helpful!

Many thanks


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Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

13:30 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi Amy

I don't know the answer to your question but it would raise my natural suspicions of something sinister going on in my property if I was the landlord.

Did I hear somebody say Cannabis farm or was that just a voice in my head?

Industry Observer

14:56 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

I agree. Did were the cleaners actually told why the tenants would not grant entry.

I'd suggest immediate need for visit by agent at agreed time to determine exactly what is going on

Neil Woodhead

15:05 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

If no issues with the tenant advise contractor he will be responsible at end of tenancy or get a refund if account already settled.

15:20 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

You say ''It is a tricky situation and every reasonable step has been taken to rectify these issues. It isn’t the landlady, estate agent or cleaners fault this hasn’t been rectified''
Well it isn't your problem either, just submit your initial report .
Job done, no need to get involved in anything else.

15:35 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

Your job as an inventory clerk is clear. You make a report as to the facts. the condition and cleanliness of the property at the time of the inventory make.

Anyone can say, 'We are having new carpets fitted next week'. 'We are getting a two thousand pound fridge freezer ice maker next week'. You still state the facts. A clean should have been carried out before you went there. If the one that was done is sub standard, that is not your problem.

You submit your inventory. If at some stage the cleaners gain entry and clean properly, then you can be re-commissioned to do an update. At a cost.

Professionals do not work for free.
Good luck.

Michael Edwards

15:44 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

The whole point is that your inspection is a record of the condition at the time of your inspection and should record factually what the condition was and what issues existed at the date and time of that inspection. If you are instructed to re-visit after the cleaning contractor has been you can issue a follow up report which can be read in conjunction with your original "Schedule of Condition and Inventory of the Landlord's Fixtures & Fittings".

From the Landlord's point of view the Agent could write to the Tenant and say that since the Tenant has refused access to the cleaner, a further inspection will take place in seven days and if the Tenant is not present access will be gained with the management keys. Tenants who receive such a notification are usually then present, but the Agent should send a representative with the cleaner to check if anything untoward is happening at the property.

Fed Up Landlord

17:00 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

I agree. Amy your job is to report what you find. Not to futureproof it on the say so of somebody else. I have done inventorys of other landlords property. Landlord says " I am going to have the wall in the lounge repainted after tenant moves in" . I say "Fine. I will record it as it is on the day of occupation and when its decorated I will add a note to the inventory saying its been done" Good advice earlier not to get involved.

Sian Hemming-Metcalfe, MARLA (INV)

19:10 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

I agree with both Gary and Kevin's responses. As an inventory provider your role is meant to be impartial and you should only record and report on the facts as seen at the point of the report and again at any subsequent visits if commissioned. Everything else is for the landlord, tenant and or cleaners to resolve…...

20:40 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

Thank you very much to everyone for their comments. Looking back on my question in hindsight I didn't necessarily explain it all very well, I was in a bit of a panic at the time and the landlord was very upset s she'd tried her best for the property to be pristine for her new tenants. My panic was obviously more to help the landlady rather than what i should do about the report. However I wasn't sure whether to write that the cleaners were refused entry, but tahnks to you all I realise that isn't appropriate. I should have directed my question on what the landlady should do in this situation as opposed to me as the inventory clerk. Good or bad, it is in my nature to help and get the best resolution for everyone involved, at times I need to take a step back, which I have.

I have now submitted the report, with the omissions, exactly how the property was at time of inspection. I have also directed the landlord to this website for advice, and have advised her to pursue this with the cleaning company, as well as double check her property is in safe hands 🙂 After many years in this business not only as an inventory clerk but as a consultant and agent previously, I am pretty sure these tenants won't be doing anything untoward - especially not a cannabis factory! But I do get the point, and it would be good to put her mind at ease. I think they genuinely just found it inconvenient and I suspect they just did a final clean themselves.

I thoroughly agree with most of what has been said here. I absolutely always record what I see, at the time of inspection and never put things in 'just in case they change'. I never even say it has definitely been professionally cleaned unless I see proof and have a reciept to attach, let alone go on others words about what may be done in the future.

Thanks again for all your answers.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

22:21 PM, 1st April 2014, About 10 years ago

It is very reassuring to have such a supportive and close community of Inventory Clerks following Property118 these days. Please spread the word via your social networks and feel free to join in threads posted by landlords, letting agents and tenants. There are over 30,000 to choose from. Just type any topic into our search function at the top right of every page of this website to find articles and discussions which may be of interest 🙂

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