Homecare maintenance contracts – alternatives to British Gas?

Homecare maintenance contracts – alternatives to British Gas?

10:44 AM, 9th January 2023, About 11 months ago 2

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Hello, I’ve had BG boiler plumbing and drains homecare contract cover for some 20 years now for a modest portfolio of London properties and the service has been good – things like appointments or 24 hour service so you can book plumbers in the middle of the night (the only spare time I get). I particularly like the effectiveness of their Dyno-Rod drains service and they don’t seem to be too mean on changing an ageing part on the boiler.

However, I am sick and tired of BG cancelling nearly every appointment and rescheduling three weeks later and this is something they do as standard post-Covid.

Engineers themselves tell me BG has gone downhill since being taken over by a VC and they are simply extorting cash and letting service slide. It must be time to move?

Therefore, who else would folk recommend? I’ve got Homeserve and Domestic & General on the radar. Which of these would you rate or not rate. Anyone else?

Finally, I have seen previous posts about building friendships with local plumbers and boiler engineers but I have to say I do like the insurance aspect and the 24 hour service as being in London it’s very hard to find such “local guys” as there are none, so I really to be looking at the big boys / nationals.

Thoughts appreciated.


Hardworking Landlord

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Laura Delow

10:03 AM, 10th January 2023, About 11 months ago

Which VC company are you referring to as I only know of Centrica 1997?
I too have Homecare policies with BG albeit through their Multi Premises team which I find extremely helpful & supportive albeit this team only handles portfolios of 10 properties or more. If unhappy with their service such as you describe, I strongly suggest you formally complain https://www.britishgas.co.uk/complaints.
With regards other companies to use instead of BG, the following look quite promising & their reviews online seem good (Home Emergency Assist & Your Repair through the NRLA - see both links below html://www.homeemergencyassist.com/cover/home-emergency/complete-cover


7:39 AM, 14th January 2023, About 11 months ago

I too have had BG Homecare cover for many years for a small London Portfolio (under 10 properties). I know people always say ‘save the money for a policy and self insure’, but I liked the security of knowing I could call a get a problem sorted quickly.

However, you used to be able to get a heating engineer next day, then a few years ago it rapidly changed to more often a week or two. Then the quality of engineers also started to drop as so many have left when BG did their fire & re-hire policy.

The Dyno plumbing / drains teams are franchised and some of the plumbers are beyond clueless (for example a small leak from a wall hung toilet - plumber wanted to put silicone on it rather than investigate the leak!)

So I’ve finally let all my policies lapse.

But London really is a nightmare. A couple of days before Xmas I had a leak from an unvented cylinder. The two engineers I normally use were away. Other companies I have used in the past said they couldn’t come until after Xmas. Even the dreaded Pimlico plumbers couldn’t send anyone out for a few days. I tried about 20 places with no luck. I eventually found someone via a builder contact. But it took me about half a day just to find someone to come out.

So I would love to find a reliable alternative to BG as well. But looking at Yourrepair’s worst reviews, seems like there is no guarantee about how quick they will get an engineer out. Plus as it’s not an ‘insurance’ - they claim this is a benefit in not needing to wait (although reviews state that they do need fo approve repairs via their engineers?!) I presume there is no consumer protection via the FCA if you need to make a complaint. At least BG had fairly robust complaints procedures when needed…

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