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Laura Delow

9:45 AM, 18th September 2021, About 4 days ago

How are Councils assisting Afghan refugees to find properties?

I joined a Webinar hosted by Krish Kandiah of (copy/paste URL to view Webinar) about the PRS helping Afghan families which was very enlightening. You can register home availability on their above site and at
My places are all in London & unfortunately London Boroughs are slower than others in supporting Afghan Refugees but I've registered my available properties but sadly if they take too long to come back to me, I will be forced to let in the normal fashion. I'm all for supporting these families even though risks are attached, but heh, there's risks with every letting.... Read More

Laura Delow

11:55 AM, 3rd September 2021, About 3 weeks ago

£8.6 billion for affordable housing

£8.6m for this is admirable BUT the Government say they are fully funding the cladding issue crisis yet only £5m has been allocated to assist approx. 1m cladding leasehold prisoners (in truth could be as high as 4 times this if buildings of less than 18m are taken into account) versus an estimated cost of £15m. These leaseholders (many of whom were first time buyers & were encouraged to buy with government help thru shared ownership, help to buy etc) are now living in what is deemed a dangerous property that is completely worthless, unsaleable & unmortgageable, yet they are still having to pay their mortgage plus increased service charge costs because of increased buildings insurance premiums (with hiked up excesses or exclusions) & waking watch costs, and are facing bills of anywhere up to £120K per flat to rectify, many of whom will go bankrupt as a result of & if bankrupt, many could lose their jobs. These Leaseholders bought in good faith believing the building standards that developers had to meet imposed by government would protect them but they do not & the government & the construction industry is not accepting full responsibility for this which all came about because of the changes made in the mid-1980s to the building regulation system which they said was to make the UK system more effective and accessible but actually translated into the construction industry self regulating & cutting corners by using cheaper unsafe materials. These are the people that should be the Government's financial priority with the utmost urgency. Grenfell was over 4 years ago & at the current "slow" pace, Industry experts say the problem is so huge, it will take up to another 10 years to identify and fix all the buildings at risk but only if full funding is made available. These poor people deserve to be able to sleep at night & not have to spend every waking moment worrying about their safety, their home & their future.... Read More

Laura Delow

11:10 AM, 3rd September 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Implied surrender of tenancy with 18 months arrears?

Check out & follow the process otherwise you could find her coming after you & the law will be on her side.... Read More

Laura Delow

11:53 AM, 1st September 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Remove my perfectly good UPVC windows and doors and make me pay for the privilege?

Am trying to picture what's involved with replacing the window waterproofing that requires your windows to be replaced. I think the windows are removed & once the waterproofing corners & membrane are installed it will mean the gap within which the window fits will be a fraction smaller than before, hence new windows. BUT... I would have thought this applies to all flats' windows old or new as the size gap will be a fraction smaller for all of them and therefore they'll all need replacing, so why do you have to pay for yours? With regards can they insist on this waterproofing, it depends on 1) how watertight are your current windows 2) even if your current windows are proven to already be watertight & not need redoing, will the different windows not be in keeping with the other flats and the lease allows the freeholder landlord to object to this or you need retrospective planning permission 3) assuming this cost is more than £250 per flat, it would require a Section 20 consultancy process - what works did the S20 say was included?... Read More

Laura Delow

7:33 AM, 25th August 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Dropped a pole on the neighbour's roof?

Whether a Scaffolding firm operates as a business or on a self-employed basis, they ought to have specialist insurance i.e. a policy with a range of cover options such as public liability, employer's liability, property damage cover and professional indemnity. Did you check out beforehand that your scaffolder has the necessary public liability insurance? By rights if your neighbour's property has been damaged then the scaffolder needs to supply a claim form, from his insurers so that your neighbour can claim for the repairs.... Read More