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8:53 AM, 12th September 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Shelter help disabled tenant win second 'No DSS' case

A lot of BTL mortgage conditions state no letting to tenants on benefits.
As usual Shelter is going after the easy targets - the letting agent who they can show advertised that way.
If they really wanted to help, they should get mortgage and insurance companies to change their clauses, then get govt to pay market rent in advance / provide rental guarantees themselves.
Or alternatively build enough social housing so there is no need for housing benefit paid to private landlords at all. Surely that would keep everyone happy and drive up standards all round?
But no, they want private individuals to address the successive government failings.... Read More


8:44 AM, 12th September 2020
About 2 weeks ago

He simply wants to keep it because he's paid for it?

Did the tenant ask for a refund of the two months initially and you refused? (as is your right).
Then it would make sense why they don’t want to help you out now. Your only option as others have indicated it to offer an inducement to them on top of the few days rent refund from the date you need access (not the date the new tenant moves in). And also point out the council tax savings in doing this.
But if they can afford to get what they presumably see as revenge, there may be nothing you can do apart from do the repairs with the new tenants in situ (assuming the old tenant has at least agreed to vacate from that date - if not you could be in a lot of trouble unfortunately).... Read More


8:31 AM, 8th August 2020
About 2 months ago

Funding for boilers and more coming

Hi Mark,

Do you cover (or know someone who does cover) west and north west London?

Am I right in that if the landlord has children under the age of 16 and receives child benefit that would satisfy the eligibility criteria (even if the tenants don’t receive any benefits?)

And is this a different scheme to the recently announced government one?

I have 7 properties where the boilers are over 7 years old. 3 have recently had issues and are likely to need replacement soon (one is getting looked at again this morning and might replacement urgently!)

The problem may be being able to do other qualifying criteria. 3 flats have access to loft spaces so could have insulation upgraded. The others all have solid walls and no loft spaces. I don’t think there is space to install solid wall installation without making rooms much smaller (and the ground floor flats have solid floors).

Two flats (without lofts) have original single glazed sash windows too.

Would be great to speak to someone about them.
Many thanks... Read More


13:46 PM, 1st August 2020
About 2 months ago

New Permitted Development rights do not create worse quality homes

If Rajan is going to attack a professional planner as having a vested interested, isn’t that rather a case of the pot calling the kettle black?! Of course he claims his interest in having the PD rights is about getting the economy moving and affordable housing (not the ease of making more profits or selling more courses eh?)

Planners make mistakes, but on the whole are absolutely necessary to try and ‘plan’ how development take place across cities, counties and the country as a whole.

I’m sure there have been some high quality developments done under PD rights and perhaps all of Rajan’s schemes fall under that category. But there have been some absolutely shocking ones. Have a read through this:


Let’s not fall into the trap of letting ‘the market’ dictate everything. It’s possible to strike a balance where rules and regulations are for the benefit of society as a whole and you can still make a healthy profit at the same time!

I once extended and converted a badly laid out two bedroom flat into 2 x one bedroom flats. Each flat is approx 45m2 now. They are without a doubt as small as I think you can go for a couple to live comfortably in London. Yes, even with technology meaning you don’t have, books, a record player and CRT TV! I mean with a washing machine you only really need two complete outfits as well surely, so who needs a wardrobe?! And the miracle of sliding doors will save us from the pesky need to be able to actually swing open a door....... Read More


19:26 PM, 17th July 2020
About 2 months ago

Splitting into leaseholds on freehold building to refinance

I’ve done this, but transferred the freehold to my wife and I am the leaseholder.
I would echo others warnings about different lenders criteria. Many lenders do not like you to own more than a certain proportion of flat in the building. Some won’t even lend on one of them if you own them all and are borrowing with completely different lenders.
Make sure the solicitor you use is on the panel for the lender, and is experienced in doing this.... Read More