Complaints not resolved on multi-home cover?

Complaints not resolved on multi-home cover?

8:59 AM, 1st June 2021, About 3 years ago 6

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Hi All, I currently have a multi premise policy with British gas to cover gas, plumbing, drainage and electric for around 10 properties (all residential).

I have had multiple issues with them such as not turning up, taking months to respond to a complaint and telling me my complaint had been resolved when it hadn’t, and I had no communication at all. I have since started complaining to FCA.

However, now I have the renewal quote, and it is almost £500 extra for the same level of cover.

So my question is, what are the alternatives to cover maintenance and breakdowns for multiple properties?


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10:50 AM, 1st June 2021, About 3 years ago

My experience with BG landlord cover has been similar, and my complaints dealt with in a similarly disinterested way. They included telling me year in year out that I need a new boiler and could they quote for it, telling me I need a powerflush (after one had been completed), installing an external expansion vessel so that the washing machine couldn't fit under the kitchen counter, replacing a timer (when the boiler wasn't functioning at all - and not fixing the actual problem - which they wouldn't fix because they said it needed a powerflush - see above), increasing fees annually and exponentially.
So enough of my ranting, my solution recently has been to replace boilers with ones that have 10 year warranties (I did the maths and reckon it will save money and the hassle of having to deal with BG in the long run), and get landlord emergency cover as part of buildings insurance (I found for an extra £144 per property per year - although you may well be able to do cheaper with a group policy - sorry I don't know about that) to cover all the other non-boiler stuff. I also have a handyman who I can deploy at a more leisurely pace to do other stuff if needs be. Hope that is at least partly helpful.


10:53 AM, 1st June 2021, About 3 years ago

British Gas is not what is was - I've 6 separate landlord polices (I didn't know there was a multi premise policy) they have not performed the last 18 months - boiler not fixed, only source of heating and hot water as tenants not infirm or at risk, leak not dealt with - they did give me an alternative company to call so I could pay someone else who did not not give 'covid excuses' and came next day - I paid and BG repaid me after 2 reminders and an hour on the phone. When they went for another boiler they said I had to have a new boiler as the part (fan) was 'obsolete' - I spoke to a BG engineer on their customer service line who said it is probably 'obsolete' in their catalogue but likely available elsewhere - it was so I bought it and got the engineer round to fit it - mightily cheaper than a new boiler, but my work and time which as you know we pay for rather highly. Today's job is to take all my policies to another company (except one, I had a flush done a few years ago and they now guarantee that - they recommended another one 2 years after the first one, no doubt looking for their commission, and were a little peeved to find that I'd had one and they had to do this at their own expense) but their service is now pretty rubbish as you'll see in the press. My business is going elsewhere. I'd suggest you do the same. They are not going to improve. 3 months to fix a thermostat, 6 months for the oven (I have appliances covered) - because my tenants had a microwave and so it wasn't an emergency. Enough!

I have found a company for appliances which is very reasonable, most of mine pretty new, I tend to replace rather than repair which does come in cheaper, not all appliances will go at the same time. I also spoke to another company for boiler cover a couple of months ago and will call them today - they were half Bgas and a their service couldn't be worse. The whole idea of warranties is that it is without effort, a phone call and they come in a day or two with parts - as British Gas did - now they don't and they are the most expensive of all warranty people.


12:25 PM, 1st June 2021, About 3 years ago

British Gas service cover used to be excellent. 1. Easy to log a call, 2. appointments fulfilled typically within 24 hours, and 3. engineers who were equipped and knew what they were doing. #1 and #2 have gone and #3 is still in place. I changed service provider to a different company with a commercial (not residential) service with guaranteed 24 hour call out. Latest situation was an 8 day elapsed time for a blocked sink call out. I can't have tenants without a kitchen sink for 8 days. British Gas, your accountants have taken over and customer satisfaction is in decline. It's not all about the price, I need quality of service delivery to pass on this experience to my tenants. Recommend British Gas go read the Mercedes case study from the late '90s, aborb the damage that was done by cost cutting and how much and how long it then took to recover the situation.

Freda Blogs

22:33 PM, 2nd June 2021, About 3 years ago

I have BG Homecare, which is due for renewal in about 1 month. I am not impressed by the service (such as not sending out an engineer to fix a boiler during a snowy period because of alleged concern for staff). No matter that the insurance cover was purchased for emergency repairs, otherwise why would you bother?

The new proposed premium is more than 10% higher, yet the renewal notice says:
"Thanks for staying with us - we really appreciate it. You have been with us a number of years. You may be able to get the insurance cover you want at a better price if you shop around."

This seems an acknowledgement they are expensive (I successfully challenge the renewal premium every year), so why don't they just offer lower premiums in the first place?

Can anyone recommend any alternative Homecare providers?

Darren Peters

7:29 AM, 5th June 2021, About 3 years ago

Why not just pay for an engineer/plumber/electrician as and when you need them? On 10 properties it will probably work out cheaper. And if Plumber A goes off the rails or is on holiday you don't wait, you try plumber B


16:25 PM, 5th June 2021, About 3 years ago

Agree that BG is not what is was - the convenience was that I always seem to get calls in the middle of coldest winter night from a tenant saying a boiler has failed and you can call BG them and they would attend by the morning. Also the Dynorod drains susidiary is a really fast on site service. On the Gas side, not anymore, while the staff are good, the service levels are shocking and they have a strategy of pushing out annual services by a couple of months each year so after 6 years, you lose a full year of service that you have paid for. They have also cancelled many appointments citing covid as the reason.
but speaking to their staff, they tell me that there is mass strike action and staff leaving going on behind the scenes as BG are cut staff benefits but the price keeps being hiked. Also when you renew a boiler - you get no credit to reduced price - if you cancel and re-signed as the wife, you get a massive discount! Which magazine suggest other providers are way ahead and I will
make a switch when I get a moment.

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