HMRC type taxation spreadsheet lost

by Readers Question

3 years ago

HMRC type taxation spreadsheet lost

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HMRC type taxation spreadsheet lost

Can anyone assist me? I was lucky enough about 18 months ago to download a superb spreadsheet that very much mirrored the HMRC self assessment form for unearned income. needle

In addition, it allowed a number of properties to be added to the spreadsheet columns in order to track exactly where expenses had been incurred. At the back was a “general expenses” element such as books etc. where one could add more holistic expenditure.

This was without doubt the most helpful spreadsheet for the business that I’ve come across, but following a dead hard drive I cannot recover it! I still have the expenses data, but am scuppered if I can find the spreadsheet again.

Has anyone come across it, or could they point me to where to download it?

Thank you,



Neil Patterson

3 years ago

Hi David,

Not the same thing I know, but you might find our Landlords Calculator helpful >>


3 years ago

or this from Which? but you have to do the sums elsewhere

David Ferguson

3 years ago

Neil, Puzzler, thank you very much for your contributions. I shall have a tinker with them to see if they meet our business needs.

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