Gas appliances to be phased out by Paris?

by Readers Question

3 years ago

Gas appliances to be phased out by Paris?

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Gas appliances to be phased out by Paris?

UK housing could soon be facing a major upheaval as the UN climate change deal in Paris could mark the end of gas appliances in British homes. gas

Gas hobs,fires,cookers and boilers could all be phased out over the next 15 years under the agreement. Around 23 million homes will be affected if the proposal is enforced to meet zero CO2 emissions.

Perhaps landlords that are planning to refurbish their rental properties should consider the type of heating and cooking systems they install. Could this mean properties with Gas Heating will be worth less over the coming years?



Neil Patterson

3 years ago

Hi Ray,

Interesting point.

It is Coal fired power stations that will be looked to be phased out before gas appliances, but this is the way the trend will be going. However timeline wise I think a new appliance bought now will need replacing long before gas supplies to houses are no longer viable.

Unless something fantastic is developed like Cold Fusion or the problems associated with solar storage are found.

Gary Dully

3 years ago

There are exciting developments in India, that have got scientists very excited with Thorium reactors about to become a reality.

If they take off, it could make coal, fracking and oil obsolete.

Chris Byways

3 years ago

IF only. Don't hold your breath. Great idea, though.
Article is undated, but Comments started a year ago, due 300Mw in 2016. 30% of Indias power by 2050.

If gas boilers were phased out, what are we supposed to do, wear more woollies until then? The electric grid would also have to be upgraded dramatically.

Then where would the tax Gov get on oil come from? Oh yes, I know, let's put, er say 300% tax on landlords rent receipts, rent controls of course, problem solved!

Ian Ringrose

3 years ago

This will ONLY happen if "heap pumps" become practical for normal UK housing AND our power stations are all low carbon.

It will hit new build first, then take many years before it effect current properties.

I think "soon" is only a valid word, if you consider 20 or more years to be "soon"......


3 years ago

Battery storage is the future, Elon Musk has produced a home battery pace about the size of a combi, can be located virtually anywhere including outside, it will be charged by solar panels to charge, then the house is then run by battery through the night, so basically you will be of grid.

Chris Byways

3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "ian " at "22/12/2015 - 12:24":

I wish this would be viable, but not in the foreseeable future in the UK.

Whilst household PV might run the house overnight with a battery quite soon, there would be nowhere near enough power collected during a typical winter's daylight to heat in the evenings, off grid.

One room might take 24kwh to heat on E7, but you may only get about 1kw on a dull day on a 4kwp system, and those fridge sized batteries only store about 2kwh, but there may be a breakthrough, but not 'soon' IMV.

ray selley

3 years ago

On checking the EPC's of my property portfolio i was surprised that the two properties with the best rating were both electric only.Both are flats located in the same 6 year old building and have the benefit of triple glazing and a communal biomass boiler which burns wood pellets and provides water heating and warm air heating with each flat being charged individually for its usage.EPC ratings are B and Environmental impact [CO2] rating is A.No GSC required and almost maintenance free.Rents and capital appreciation are above similar flats in the area with Gas c/heating .

ray selley

3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "ray selley" at "22/12/2015 - 23:05":

Forgot to mention an important point the Biomass Boiler also provides all the electricity as well !

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