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Chris Byways

12:16 PM, 3rd April 2021
About A week ago

Councils using 'Intelligence' to track down low EPC properties and fine £5,000

My last EPC says I can increase my D to a C by three recommendations. They will take from 40 to about 150 years to justify the costs from the savings.

So where will the money come from? Magic money tree or rents? Go figure.

Recommendation 1: Internal or external wall insulation
Internal or external wall insulation
Typical installation cost
Potential energy rating
£4,000 - £14,000
Typical yearly saving
Potential rating after carrying out recommendation 1

70 | C
Recommendation 2: Floor insulation (solid floor)
Floor insulation (solid floor)
Typical installation cost
£4,000 - £6,000
Typical yearly saving
Potential rating after carrying out recommendations 1 and 2

Recommendation 3: Double glazed windows
Replace single glazed windows with low-E double glazed windows
Typical installation cost
£3,300 - £6,500

Typical yearly saving
£39... Read More

Chris Byways

16:19 PM, 16th January 2021
About 3 months ago

Benefit tenants - This is why Landlords aren't taking You!

Ah yes Shelter, the fairy godmother to tenants and landlord alike!

So earlier I says to my MP:-

Dear Bill Wiggin,

I have a tenant who stopped paying rent in February 2020. Let’s call him Mr ........., employed with ............. Transport as a bus driver. He will not respond to phone calls or texts. He is one of the thousands who are now living rent-free and will continue to do so for many more months.

Do I evict him? How, the only address I have is the one he seems to have left? He has given no notice to leave.

Do I seek a CCJ, again how? His employer is not going to divulge his details - ‘data protection’.

It will take many, many months to get an eviction, and I will be responsible for 100% council tax, not the 25% rebated council tax he now gets.

It will take probably 3 skips to remove his rubbish. £500 + vat + labour.
Taken this week on an pre-advised routine inspection. Bed and TV taken only.

He told a neighbour he has moved to ........... and is ‘going to move again’.

I will either sell or require a substantive person as a rent guarantor for any future tenant and not take anyone on Housing Benefit / UC. Mr F..... and any such tenant would never be able to - or want - to get a mortgage for this or almost any property.

Please do read the very pertinent article by Dr Rosalind Beck

What do I do?

Best Regards

And says he to me (some 5 weeks later):-

Dear Mr ...........
Thank you for your email and I apologise for the delay in response.

I read with concern the situation with your tenant and rental property.

At the moment, landlords cannot seek a court date for eviction until at least the 24th August. However, you may wish to begin to start the Section 21 process.

As a landlord, you would need to give a 3 month notice to your tenant before you apply to a court.

More can be read about the current situation here:

Bill Wiggin

Ah yes I should go to Shelter for advice? Yea.......... Read More

Chris Byways

10:36 AM, 16th January 2021
About 3 months ago

Benefit tenants - This is why Landlords aren't taking You!

DWP Gov policy, local authorities, Shelter et al are certainly making all tenants rent greater, and indeed finding a place at all for DWP claimants.
For instance I had a property with a council Bond to home a person who couldn’t fund a deposit. The previous one cost £3000 to make habitable yet the council took over 12 months to pay it and many, many letters. Now the latest is just starting.....
Dear xxxxxx
I have today had the council tax bill whilst the Flat 3 xxxxxxxxx was being cleared of the rubbish left by the last tenant, cleaning, re glazing, recarpeting, repainting and advertised.
The last tenant stopped paying rent in February 2020.
I have had to pay for the EPC,
for insurance,
standing charges for Gas,
and for electricity,
for the Electrical EICR,
for an asbestos survey,
for the gas boiler test certification
Routine maintenance,
now today the council tax of £252 whilst empty.
I rang the Council waste department requesting collection of a large reclining armchair and a defunct tumbledryer left. I was advised it would be £25, then when they asked if it was left by a tenant they said we won’t take it you’ll need to pay (far more) privately to dispose of it.
So not only do I NOT qualify for the 25% single occupancy discount, but I don’t even get basic services whilst it is unavoidably empty. Paying for nothing. These are all costs that force rent to be so high.
I requested payment of the Bond on 28/10/20, over two months ago. I have not received this to date.
At this time I have £7,600 of debt on this flat.
The incoming tenant, a special needs teacher, could only sign a 6 month Tenancy, so it will not cover the debts incurred, followed unfortunately by another void more Council Tax and more expenses.
Therefore will you please expedite the payment of the Bond before payment of the £252 rates (which it only just covers), falls due.
Yours......... Read More

Chris Byways

10:20 AM, 16th January 2021
About 3 months ago

Benefit tenants - This is why Landlords aren't taking You!

Just how Independent is the ICE when their email is ?... Read More

Chris Byways

10:08 AM, 9th January 2021
About 3 months ago

Cavity wall insulation nightmare?

Internal insulation of the external walls may be the best solution, at least For a quick fix. I was surprised by how effective this was on a Victorian solid wall bedroom. Even if you get the CWI fixed (big IF), it will make is much warmer.

Use a damp roof membrane thin wooden frame, and plaster board.... Read More