Calculating rental yields, cashflow, break-even, return on capital invested and capital gains

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Landlords CalculatorThe Landlords Calculator is a very easy to use, you don’t need to download any extra software whatsoever.

It allows you to analyse returns and other important numbers relating to any residential investment property deal with ease. You can also have a summary report emailed to you.

It is free to use, all that we ask is that you make a donation to support the running costs of Property118 when your download your summary report.

The donation amount is typically £10 per use but it is totally up you you. There is no obligation to donate but we are highly reliant upon your generosity to fund this website so if you find Property118 useful and can afford to donate more we will be incredibly grateful.

Landlords Calculator v3.2

This calculator is FREE TO USE and all we ask is that you consider making a small donation towards the running costs of Property118, but this is NOT compulsory
  • Gross annual rent expressed as a percentage of property value.
  • LTV stands for "Loan to Value". It is your loan expressed as a percentage of the value of your property. This is also known as gearing. It's important to know this when you are looking at which mortgage products are best suited to your requirements.
  • Equity is the money you would get back if you were to sell your property after repaying your mortgage. You would probably have to pay an estate agent or an auctioneer and also a solicitor too so not all of this money would end up in your pocket if you were to sell.
  • (excluding mortgage interest)
  • If you decide to download a summary report of these calculations we will share ideas on reducing your costs.
  • After deducting all mortgage interest payments and costs your current return on equity or averaged monthly cashflow in £ is
  • This is your net annual cashflow expressed as a percentage of the equity you have in your property. This calculation is also referred to as; return on cash, cash on cash return, return on capital employed/invested, ROC and ROCI. NOTE - if you have zero or negative equity the this figure is not relevant.
  • Based on the figures you have entered the break even interest rate is ....
  • Only complete the sections below if you would like to download a full report for your own records which includes suggestions on how to increase your returns and protect your cashflow.
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • E.G. bank base rate plus 1.75% for the remaining term of the mortgage. NOTE - this field is for your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For your own reference purposes only
  • For information regarding capital gains tax payable on sale, how it may be reduced and the importance of reporting the sale to HMRC whether you have made a profit or not please see the Tax section of this website

Landlords Calculator

Until now landlords and their professional advisers have struggled with traditional calculators and spreadsheets to calculate rental yields, cashflow, returns on equity and the interest rates a property deal achieves break even or neutral cashflow.


Our Landlords Calculator takes you through set of numbers and provides easy to follow explanations a step at a time making all of the above simple.

Simply follow the the instructions, type in your numbers and calculator does everything else for you. The key figures you need, together with explanations, appear on screen as you go.

When you have completed the process you will be given an opportunity to add a title to your masterpiece and have a neat report emailed to you for future reference or, if you are a professional adviser, to present to your clients.

If you would like to view the most popular Buy to let mortgages available in the market today, see how much you can borrow and what it would cost please feel free to CLICK HERE to use our Buy to Let mortgage sourcing calculator.

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