HMRC Internal Manuals ‘Landlord Incorporation’

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Did you know that HMRC’s internal manuals relating to Landlord Incorporation are published online and can be viewed by the general public?

Below I have published links to these manuals, which can be very insightful for both landlords and their accountants, but they are no replacement for the Consultancy Services provided by Property118 Limited. This is because incorporation is only one of the structures we consider when reviewing a landlords business to determine the optimal tax position. We also help landlords to make applications to HMRC for non-statutory clearance for reliefs to be claimed, in order to provide absolute ‘peace-of-mind’ prior to implementing tax planning strategies where ambiguity exists in regards to the legislation being relied upon.

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Capital Gains Manual: Reliefs: Transfer of a business to a company: Outline: contents

Transfer of a business to a company


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Landlord Tax Planning Consultancy is the core business activity of Property118 Limited (in association with Cotswold Barristers).

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