Green Deal problem – Advice Requested

by Readers Question

16:24 PM, 5th February 2013
About 8 years ago

Green Deal problem – Advice Requested

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Green Deal problem – Advice Requested
Green Deal problem - Advice Requested

Advice Requested

David Brinsden has a Green Deal problem and has requested advice from Property118 readers as follows:

“I have two Victorian flat conversions in Bedford, both let on LHA. Both properties have been visited by a council surveyor with a list of improvements needed. This came as a bit of a surprise!

One was easy as the property was due a new boiler & was soon installed.

The second property has got solid brick walls. I was told that I had to insulate the walls to meet a current standard. This was not cost effective as I estimated the cost to over 3000 & 3 weeks disruption.

The surveyor came clean about what had prompted the visit and said it was a government initiative as part of the Green Deal.

The most worrying thing that he has told me though is that it will be illegal to rent a property with an E rating EPC by 2016 & illegal to sell one after then.

Does anyone else know about this as it has prompted to think about putting my older property stock on the market now.

I look forward to reading your responses

David Brinsden”

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Mark Alexander

22:18 PM, 11th March 2013
About 8 years ago

@Industry Observer - Interesting response, I've been out all day today as I've been investigating the Green Deal in some depth and at the highest possible level. More research is required on my part before I make any final decisions on the variety of circumstances where the Green Deal may or may not be viable for landlords. However, I may well have found an expert to provide real case studies exclusively for the Property118 community. This expert will also be available to answer landlords questions here. I have a follow up meeting next Monday so can't say much more until after that - watch this space!

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