Government sponsored moves to Spain?

Dr Rosalind Beck - Published on 12/12/2016
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300,000 new homes are needed each year in the UK apparently. On the other hand in Spain there are 388,000 properties that have never sold and are lying empty. It seems to me that people could be incentivised to go and live there instead of the UK. No idea how the plan would work, but this is what I call the kernel of a good idea.empty spanish property

Pensioners, for example, can have their UK state pensions paid to them in Spain and with a few sweeteners might be persuaded and migrants who otherwise might have settled in the UK might be persuaded, but that is less plausible as the unemployment level in Spain is dire.

The link below points to the problem in Spain, which could be a partial solution to our own housing problem: The British and Spanish Governments should have their heads banged together to come up with something.

What do people think?




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