Government energy discount – Do tenants or the Landlord get this?

Government energy discount – Do tenants or the Landlord get this?

16:40 PM, 15th December 2022, About A year ago 3

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Hello, this is the scenario:

Landlord owns and rents a property to students.

Landlord is the registered payer for energy bills (gas & electric).

Landlord receives Government ‘handout’ for household energy bills but payment is facilitated and paid out via the electric bill as a discount.

Tenant agreement is that they pay for gas bills and not the electric.

Should the tenants get any of the Government household energy discount to help them with their gas bills?

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Paul Maguire

10:34 AM, 16th December 2022, About A year ago

I'd divide the £67 from the Government between the 2 bills total and give the tenants their percentage towards the gas bill.


10:50 AM, 16th December 2022, About A year ago

If you want to be exact, then add the amount charged on the two bills together, divide it by £67.00, then multiply the result by the amount on each bill, so as an example if the Gas bill came to £300 and Electric bill came to £100, then adding them together comes to £400, so now divide £67 by £400 and it comes to £0.1675 or 16.75p per pound of energy cost for both fuels, despite they are based on different tariff rates.
In the above example you would then get the amount apportioned to gas bill as £300 x 16.75p which equals £50.25 and for the electric it works out £100 x 16.75p which works out £16.75.
The point to remember is the rebate is targeted to overall cost of energy, not towards energy tariff or towards any individual fuel.. So if you pay Electric bill and its charges are lower than Gas bill then proportionally you would allocate rebate more towards Gas charges and less towards Electric.


7:26 AM, 17th December 2022, About A year ago

If it’s gas heating and the students are paying that I would personally give them the full £67. That is where the real cost pressure is this winter wrt to energy and the intent of the scheme was to provide support over the winter. Also you don’t want them bringing a load of electric fires back and using the electricity that you are liable for rather than the boiler!

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