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11:24 AM, 4th October 2021, About 2 months ago

One HMO tenant left after Section 21?

You could try and find him somewhere else to go and help with removal costs? Alternatively go through the eviction process but start the renovations and conversion back to a house with him still living there Presumably with just one person living there it is no longer classed as an HMO so you start the rip out and conversion... Read More


10:39 AM, 4th August 2021, About 4 months ago

Should I sell at 75 and if so how should I go about it?

HI Mike - we are very active in parts of the North West and would be interested in your portfolio if you decide to sell - we have funds in place to move quickly if thats what you want or could stagger the purchases over tax years to minimise CGT liability for you - please email Read More


12:15 PM, 17th February 2021, About 10 months ago

Gap and loophole between content and buildings insurance?

The insurance gap between block insurance and full landlord cover also concerns me. As well as the issues around damage to non building cover are landlords also exposed to liability claims by tenants (trip over a loose carpet type issue) or what if they cause damage to the communal areas or another flat either wilfully or by accident - can the freeholder or other flat owners claim for loss of the landlord? Whilst the likelihood or a 'lifechanging' claim may be small the consequences if not insured are very high to a landlord - is there no bolt on cover to protect landlords of leasehold properties with block buildings insurance?... Read More


10:46 AM, 14th September 2020, About A year ago

Electric safety certificate/CCU/fuse board

I've had some marked as C2 and some as C3 (depends on the electrician) never had any as a C1 - this is immediate risk to safety (like a bare live wire) with no other mitigators to prevent an accident. A plastic box would also require a fire for the risk to materialise and should be a C2 at worst.... Read More