Good Books For Landlords to read?

Good Books For Landlords to read?

8:42 AM, 7th April 2016, About 8 years ago 5

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Which books do you think are good ones for landlords to read? Good Books For Landlords to read

We are integrating an Amazon Book store into Property118 which will raise additional funds to support of work and the costs of running our web and email servers.

Your recommendations may well inspire and help other landlords so please leave a comment and we will consider adding your recommendations to our list of recommended books.

The books will come directly from Amazon at their standard pricing and Property118 will receive 10% commission. We appreciate that might only be 50 pence on an average book value of £5 but with over 400,000 people visiting Property118 every month the numbers could soon add up to being very worthwhile.

Here’s a few to get you started if you fancy buying a book for yourself, or perhaps as a present for a family member or friend.

In Rob Dix book “Beyond the bricks” the first chapter is my own story …

David Lawrenson regularly comments upon and supports Property118 campaigns …

Most landlords will have already read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. If not it’s a MUST. 

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Jonathan Clarke

15:09 PM, 7th April 2016, About 8 years ago

Beyond the Bricks tells my story as well so a copy or 10 are naturally prominent on my bookshelf 🙂

My other personal fave is Real Estate Riches by Dolf de Roos . Straightforward and inspiring and shows how investing in property as an asset class is so much better than all other assets. At a time when i was just getting going it was at my bedside. Demonstrates how you can easily beat the averages. All in there worked for me

When colleagues questioned my craziness and why i was obsessed with buying property I would say. Because i don`t want to work 9-5 all my life. And the answers to not doing that are here in this book and I would lend them a copy . It was a good book for my `ifs and but questions` in the early days when i doubted myself sometimes. I read that book to keep me sane and on track . If Dolf de Roos buys multi million pound tower blocks on an afternoons shopping spree then me buying a simple two up two down is not that scary surely....

Alison King

15:55 PM, 7th April 2016, About 8 years ago

The Tax Cafe books. Especially "Property Tax" and "How to Save Tax".

Steve Russell

18:31 PM, 7th April 2016, About 8 years ago

My favourite book of recent times is Second Chance by Robert T. Kiyosaki he explains why we all need to invest and give’s a good account of how the world of finance is now ,a really good read.

Hazel de Kloe

20:01 PM, 7th April 2016, About 8 years ago

May I suggest (if it's not too cheeky to do so!) Why Property Works, which I wrote fairly recently. It has been described as a 'book of two halves' and helps people to question and work through their motivation around getting involved with property. It helps them to figure out if it is right for their situation as well as what to take into consideration and how to work through what might stop them.

The second half is a much more practical guidance and what to do next in terms of acquiring property...combined with personal and client exoeriences, just to ensure the reality factor!

Other books I have enjoyed personally are those by David Lawrenson and a couple of others, although not related to property, which I have found very inspirational are:

The Go Giver
The Richest Man in Babylon


17:46 PM, 12th April 2016, About 8 years ago

I agree on the Tax Café series. As someone who is a small developer as well as a landlord, using a Property Company to Save Tax is well worth the investment, for example to clarify the distinction in tax terms between property speculation, property development and property investment, and the tax advantages of "hybrid" limited companies which partly invest in rentals and partly do trading, such as renovation and development.

Tax Cafe's Pensions Magic and Salary v. Dividends are also good for anyone running a small limited company.

Can anyone recommend a good book that explains small company administration? Not just tax returns and Annual Returns to Companies House, but how to remove or add directors and shareholders, the legal obligations of directors, how to minute meetings and resolutions, how to present your accounts clearly and so on. The only decent one I've found is Lawpack's How to Run a Limited Company.

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