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Alison King

10:20 AM, 3rd July 2020
About A week ago

Are two rent increases within a year possible?

The point of the LHA rate is to help tenants on benefits to be able to afford a decent home. It isn't a benchmark for what we should be charging or an opportunity to wring as much out of the system as possible. People who dislike landlords pounce on practices like that as examples of profiteering and it brings us all into disrepute. I think if the authorities suspect that they may well challenge it.... Read More

Alison King

10:46 AM, 21st May 2020
About 2 months ago

4 students moving in 8th June?

We are living in difficult times and everyone is affected. As landlords we have a responsibility towards our tenants welfare and I would share their concerns about their safety. Imagine if it was my own child?
One months loss of rent in return for a clear conscience and tenants who are more likely to work with me rather than against me is a small price to pay.... Read More

Alison King

12:37 PM, 8th April 2020
About 3 months ago

Can nursing home fees be offset against rental income?

Agree, speak to the care home. I know some people who do similar to your friends. They have an agreement with the care home that when the sad day comes for their parent to pass on, any shortfall in fees will be made up through sale of the property, which does take the pressure off during difficult times.... Read More

Alison King

9:54 AM, 18th March 2020
About 4 months ago

He's absolutely crackers!

It's a difficult situation. Many landlords would struggle or be forced to sell up if this happened. On the other hand, for those who can afford to and don't want to lose good tenants, it's a compassionate response. We don't live in a fair or equal society.... Read More

Alison King

16:27 PM, 18th January 2020
About 6 months ago

Pension pot property?

I used the tax free part of my pension as a deposit to invest in property several years ago and I don't regret it as I wanted to diversify. The only thing is that it then meant I couldn't increase my payments into my pension for two years as it might have been argued that I was "recycling". This was quite limiting as I really needed to save up for retirement. My properties are in the UK. I've looked into investing in Spain as I'd like to live there one day but the initial costs and taxes are quite high and may well be higher after Brexit, as it currently is for non-EU citizens.... Read More