Gas boiler ventilation repair before exchange of cotracts

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4 years ago

Gas boiler ventilation repair before exchange of cotracts

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Gas boiler ventilation repair before exchange of cotracts

I’m about to exchange contracts on a purchase this week. Gas boiler ventilation repair before exchange of cotracts

An additional enquiry by my solicitor revealed that the ventilation on the boiler is deemed unsafe and the appliance is not connected. My solicitor advised to get the costing for the repair either on my account or via the estate agent.

I have contacted the estate agent and they will sent an engineer out today.

Who is liable for the cost?

Should it be deducted from my final offer before I sent the deposit over prior to exchange?



Mark Alexander

4 years ago

Hi Iwona

This is a difficult one because the vendor is not obliged to sell to you.

By all means negotiate but bare in mind that there is nothing to prevent the vendor pulling out of the sale if he chose to do so.

You certainly need to know how much it will cost and what the disturbance will be to address it. If significant I would definitely renegotiate if possible, especially as the vendor will have to address this matter now anyway as there is a safety issue and liability if he does not.

Will The Gasman

4 years ago

If the ventilation is not up to standard and has forced the boiler to be disconnected, this implies that the boiler is an old open fluid type ? Possibly a back boiler ? If this is the case, then installing ventilation to the room and re-commissioning the boiler, should be around £150, so not a vast amount.

I would be more concerned that the boiler and heating system is very old and is probably past its best and may need replacing. Modern boilers only need ventilation if they are inside a cupboard/ airing cupboard/compartment etc and is only needed for general case ventilation. It would not require the boiler to be disconnected if it wasn't adequate, but would be deemed as "Not to current standards"

Send me a message with further details and I'll see if I can advise.

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