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Will The Gasman

19:44 PM, 5th May 2017
About 3 years ago

What can I do about Flue? Help please

Whatever you do, DO NOT block or mess with the flue at all, unless you want to go to jail for killing someone, by carbon monoxide poisoning. Ignore the previous comments regarding boiler safety devices, as they will NOT all detect this kind of FAULT.
I would speak to your local building control officer, as the gas engineers who installed the boiler should have registered it with building control. Flues protruding over boundaries is not allowed.
https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2799675/neighbour-jailed-potato-mans-boiler-carbon-monoxide/... Read More

Will The Gasman

11:07 AM, 3rd May 2016
About 4 years ago

Gas Boilers declared At Risk because flue cannot be inspected?

The inspection hatch's should be 300mm x 300mm and usually fire rated(i.e metal). They should be positioned no more than 1.5m from joints in the flue. Most straight flue lengths are 1m.

You will need a gas safe registered engineer to advise where they need to be fitted. Your boiler may be safe to use or the flue could have come apart or rusted through making it unsafe. Without a visual check it's not possible to confirm. People have died when flues in ceiling voids have failed, hence the new regulations.

Take a look here for more info http://www.gasltd.co.uk/downloads/Technical%20Bulletin%20008.pdf... Read More

Will The Gasman

14:59 PM, 11th September 2014
About 6 years ago

Gas boiler ventilation repair before exchange of cotracts

If the ventilation is not up to standard and has forced the boiler to be disconnected, this implies that the boiler is an old open fluid type ? Possibly a back boiler ? If this is the case, then installing ventilation to the room and re-commissioning the boiler, should be around £150, so not a vast amount.

I would be more concerned that the boiler and heating system is very old and is probably past its best and may need replacing. Modern boilers only need ventilation if they are inside a cupboard/ airing cupboard/compartment etc and is only needed for general case ventilation. It would not require the boiler to be disconnected if it wasn't adequate, but would be deemed as "Not to current standards"

Send me a message with further details and I'll see if I can advise.... Read More

Will The Gasman

14:38 PM, 20th March 2014
About 6 years ago

Property118 Members vs West Bromwich Mortgage Company

Fantastic, never doubted it would.

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