EWS1- Freeholder refusing to do anything?

EWS1- Freeholder refusing to do anything?

14:35 PM, 3rd June 2021, About 12 months ago 2

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I posted a few weeks ago about issues in a relatively new block – around 6 years old. Sadly nothing much has moved on, but we are pushing forward with the RTM and working with the management company to get some work done, however, we have totally stalled with the EWS1.

There is no cladding, however, it now seems that this doesn’t appear to matter (originally there was doubt due to a large glass area in the reception to street) – leaseholders trying to remortgage or sell are unable to due to the lack of this certificate – the question is can the Freeholder refuse to deal with this which is the response back from the management company, they want to deal with some S20 work first?

I can’t tell you how many questions I’ve raised with the Lease Advice people, they just don’t reply.

Harlequin Garden


by moneymanager

12:18 PM, 4th June 2021, About 12 months ago

1) Following the MHCLG revision in March it may be that the building does not require an EWS 1 at all: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/building-safety-programme-estimates-of-ews1-requirements-on-residential-buildings-in-england/building-safety-programme-estimates-of-ews1-requirements-on-residential-buildings-in-england
I'd ask the RTM and the, presumably, appointed specialist to reconsider.

2) If an EWS1 is still required the RTM should have provided their report, request a copy

3) the Freeholder may be immune, ours is and we have taken legal opinion on the lease which is tighter than the proverbial duck.

by Harlequin Garden

17:50 PM, 4th June 2021, About 12 months ago

Thanks for this, however I may have been misleading , we are just trying to form a RTM company - pulling teeth - the promised numbers now need to fill in the form. The information came from the Management Company, there is a side (major) issue with one floor on strike and not paying management charges and no money for day to day stuff - the Freeholder has refused to start the process to get the EWS1 - having said that we don't have cladding but leaseholders are not able to remortgage or sell as mortgage companies are now insisting on the certificate.

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